Audiobook - Southern, Smooth, Meditation



Audiobook - Southern, Smooth, Meditation

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (US Midwest- Chicago, Great Lakes)


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tonight's tale antiques is designed to help any tensions of your day melt away. So take a deep breath, nestling your pillow, close your eyes and let's begin. It was the kind of sunday afternoon that's perfect for a drive with the windows down and that's exactly what Grace was doing with her music turned up she was riding at a steady clip with the windows down, the warm wind rushing through the car, her hair dancing in the breeze. She left the house with nothing much to do that day, but take a drive and fill the air. But then she remembered that she hadn't yet gotten a birthday gift for her friend. Leah leah was a good friend, an old friend, the kind of person who might appreciate something unique for her birthday this year. Something with character. And so Grace took the next left and pushed off into the direction of a little antique store just outside of town. It was the kind of place most people didn't know of off the beaten path, the perfect kind of place to discover some special little treasure. Not something that would just feel some need, but something with a story perhaps the story of who owned it first or where had been made or how it had been slightly chipped just there on the side. But whatever the specifics, the story would add to the peace making it somehow greater than the sum of its parts