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TV Narration - Engaging, Interesting, Upbeat, Exciting, Moody

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homeowner randomly unearthed human remains from a six ft hole in their own backyard. Regardless of whether it's a murder, we knew there was a story here that we wanted to get to the bottom of investigators begin the grim task of collecting evidence from the backyard grave. This is buried in the backyard. Stephanie Joanne Angelina german Ada, born March 28th, 19 86 is known to her millions of fans as lady gaga. I've been playing piano since I was four, writing music since I was 13 and playing in clubs in new york and I just never gave up. She began performing in the rock music scene of new york city's Lower East side in 2003 to become the superstar she is today. This is a special presentation of VH one's behind the music with lady gaga as the unofficial capital of the midwest Chicago was a vital link between the coasts, the hub for major railways, home to America's first skyscraper and bustling with over one million residents, all of them potential victims of the man who turned Chicago into a killing ground. A world of beauty and mystery. As night approaches the jungle's inhabitants get on edge because strange creatures emerge in the dark, Don finally returns. But for those who survived another violent night in the jungle, it's cold comfort because here there is always someone ready to strike