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so many of us a wake each morning feeling twisted inside, we force ourselves to get dressed and begin our days. In a world that seems oppressive, unyielding and beyond our control, it's hard to recall the last moment of true happiness we experienced. If you are one of the millions of people who are caught in this web of unhappiness, I am here to tell you it absolutely does not have to be this way. You have the capability of experiencing sustained joy, pervasive peace and enduring contentment. There is a way to break free from your perceived limitations which are based on habitually negative thoughts and false beliefs about yourself and life. In fact, the only reason you are not experiencing happiness and peace is that you, like almost every human being, have been tied up by these harmful ideas and the fear that accompanies them. This fear causes you to seek satisfaction and security in the attainment of material goods or in the domination of others. You follow the path that seems sure to lead to happiness. Onley define that this feeling does not last long after you've seized that which you thought you lacked your fear returns your need to quiet This fear takes over once more You go down another path, reach your goal soon feel dissatisfied again and then start down another road and another and another. Before long you've turned every which way and can no longer see the point at which you began. You have become twisted by the fear that arose from your erroneous beliefs which you have taken for granted for longer than you can recall. So what are these false beliefs? These thoughts that run through your mind like a hamster on a treadmill? They may be different for different people, but they all share a common link. Disconnection. He is better than me. I want what she has. My car isn't good enough. I need a bigger house. I will be happy when I get. And why does he get all the breaks? But I don't. Each of these thoughts is derived from a feeling of being separate from others as complicated his life may seem these complications will give way to peace once you recognize your true nature, which is that you are a being of divine love, as is everyone on this planet. It is this divine love that connects us all. In a very real sense, we are all one Onley. By recognizing this fact, can you untwist yourself from the knot of fruitless paths you have taken over the years? Whether by divine direction or plain good luck, you hold in your hands a book that has been designed to guide you towards the sole path, toe lasting happiness, which is the understanding that you and everyone else is made of divine love, the knowledge that you are not separate from anyone. This text offers a straightforward Siri's of reflections and activities to help you shake off your negative habits and awaken to a consciousness of infinite joy and universal interconnection. I have witnessed this miracle of awakening countless times. Students of the techniques outlined in this book have described reaching an all encompassing awareness of their oneness with others of being a part of the divine, which I call love with a capital L. I describe this epiphany as waking up as love because this realization is similar to waking from sleep and starting your day each morning. You don't have to think about who you are once you've awoken from your slumber you don't have to make an effort to be yourself. You simply are. Once you've come to the understanding that love is not outside yourself but within yourself and everyone else, you will not have to worry about negative habits or harmful trains of thought. They will disappear as soon as they arise. You will have untwist id your mind. Unfortunately, our culture is living under a mass delusion that we are separate from love. This delusion leads to a feeling of emptiness. We then try to fill this emptiness by acquiring, collecting, amassing, hoarding or controlling things. These reactions are the results of twisted thinking.