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Brian Whitaker Characters: Quirky guy, clown, super hero, game show host.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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Pacific Office Automation. Yeah, we've got a situation over here. What's the problem, sir? It's Fred in Cubicle three. He's using up all the oxygen. Excuse me. The guy's a human vacuum. Okay, Way used to watch the games on a picture bunch with our You want something new? Something cool. Check out my new but focal trying to figure out what the T and A stands for in leisure. T n A. You are a emcees monster vest on charter on demand. You're just moments away from a join you're selected movie. Good citizen. You ran up your credit card over the holidays. The presence that traveling all that food credit man, take care of this. You may think a chain smoking alcoholic did. The clown is not the ideal person to promote this website, but you're Rog. If someone has done is me can use this site that anyone can guess the sound with $1000 cash. It's that easy presented by Valley West. More let's shop. Visit him online in valley west mo dot com.