Agony. from Into the Woods By -William Lacey



Voice by William Lacey.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


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did I abuse her or show her to stain? Why does she run from me? If I should lose her How shall I regain the heart? She has one from me. How? The agony beyond power of speech When the one thing you want is the only thing out of your reach. High in her tower, she sits body our maintaining her hair life unbecoming on frequently humming a lighthearted air Ha ha! Hang agony for more painful illness when you know she would go with you If there only were doors Ha Agony all the torture the teach What's as intriguing or half so fatiguing? That's what's out of reach. Am I not sensitive? Clever, well mannered, considerate, passionate, charming and kindness. I'm handsome and number to the throne. You are everything maidens kind of wish for Oh, I know. Yes, I know that girl must be mod. You know nothing off madness to your climbing her hair and you see her up there and you're nearing her all the while hearing way. Oh, my agony misery, Waldo It's different for each. Always 10 steps behind always 10 ft below and she's just out of reach. Hag une not can cut like a non. I must have e o mhm