FSP GAMING: Games Releasing in June 2021

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I did a voice over for this company for a segment they do for Video Games releasing.

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All right, what's going on? Zero to Chaos here, with another awesome video with games that are releasing in june of 2021. Let's get this started. First off the Elder scrolls online, Blackwood the Elder scrolls Online, Blackwood is a new story chapter that serves as a prequel to the events of Elder scrolls. Six, Oblivion players will be tasked with uncovering the schemes of the Diedrich prince. Yeah, morons dig a new open, said that right, who served as the primary antagonists in Oblivion? This chapter will launch on all Pcs on june 1st and don't worry june 8th, all councils will get it as well. Next up, sniper, Ghost Warriors contracts to with the seemingly impossible task. Your mission is the top of the insidious criminal syndicate and bring them to justice Series, veterans of this game are in for a challenge as sniper, Ghost warrior contracts to demands a new level of skill, focus and precision. Get ready to test your sniping skills on june 4th for Pc PS four, Xbox one, PS five and Xbox series X. And we keep this moving along with our next game ninja guidance Masters Edition, ninja guy in Master Edition is the collection of ninja guidance, sigma ninja guidance, Sigma two and ninja guiding three, razor's edge fans and newcomers alike can experience the tale of ray you as he battles deadly fiends around the world. These battles will require defense and offense and if you haven't played an injured guiding game, let me tell you, get your fingers ready, master your favorite characters and intense and action packed battles. Like only the ninja guidance series can deliver. Get your hands on this game on june 10. On the switch. Next up is one that your Boy Zero The Chaos is very excited for Final Fantasy Seven remake integrate. Final Fantasy Seven remake, integrate is an updated release to the final Fantasy Seven remake. This is a partial remake that features a higher quality texture, lighting and background details as well as the option to play two different display modes. It also includes a bonus episode focusing on your feet. Can't go wrong with that. I cannot wait for june 10th to get my hands on this one. It's coming out for the PS five exclusively while I'm giving you you know my recommendations for games I'm excited for. I've got to talk about rationing, clank ripped apart, traverse across multiple realities and new and old world on a mission to stop at the illness, Evil Emperor from exploiting the dimensional collapse to exterminate all life. That's a lot there. But you know how ratchet and clank is. If you love yourself some ratchet and clank. This is the next installment, I cannot wait for this one. This one is coming out on june 11th for the PS five. Next up, I have Legend of Mana. This 1999 action role playing game is the fourth game in the manner series. This port also offers some awesome bonuses for long term fans. The music has been rearranged and you can alternate between the original and new arrangements from the menu. If you love you some RPgs, if you love the Man A series, you have to pick this up on june 24th is coming out for Pc PS four and switch closing out this episode, I have to give some love to Mario Mario golf Super Rush. This is the new upcoming game in the Mario golf series. This game has a new feature that allows the player to more accurately aim their golf shot that's important. Um And it also adds a new mode called speed golf that has the players tee off at the same time and continue their golfing at the same time. That sounds crazy. But you know how Mario is man, this is going to be another amazing game coming out on June 25 for switch. And there you have it. Those are my games that are coming out for June 2021. Uh, did I miss any games that are on your radar? Put them in the comments below. And while you're down there, please make sure you like FSP gaming. Until next time guys, I'm 0 to Chaos. Peace.