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take charge of your help from your own home on your own schedule. Testing yourself for sexually transmitted infections puts you in control of your body and your choices. One in two sexually active people will contract an STD I by age 25. So knowing your status is essential, we get it S T I Testing is not something we really look forward to doing. Even if you're comfortable getting tested, Taking the time to visit a clinic and wait for a call with your results is less than ideal. So we're delivering convenience and peace of mind with the Neurex. S T I. Home test kits are user friendly. Kits test you for many common sexually transmitted infections, it's important to know your status so you can make better and more informed healthcare decisions. All of these infections are manageable, treatable or totally curable, but it's important to catch them early. The tests are every bit as reliable as what you get in a doctor's office, and our medical team will walk you through the process. Taking the tests is easy, affordable and private. No doctors appointments, no more waiting rooms, just judgment free healthcare on your schedule we are committed to making S T I testing affordable way, except most health insurance plans. But we also offer budget friendly pricing if you don't have insurance. The cost of our test kits includes unlimited messaging with our medical team about your results and any questions you might have. Here's how it works. Download the Neurex app or visit neurex dot com. Answer a few questions about your health and we'll ship you a hit straight to your door. Indiscreet plain packaging way Have three test kits to choose from The full control kit checks for common esti eyes in multiple areas of the body. Did you know that a significant percentage of esti eyes are actually located in the throat and rectum in both men and women? The Healthy Woman kit tests for the sexually transmitted infections most likely to affect female bodies and the basics covered kit provides an essential check for a few common esti eyes but does not check for aural or rectal infections. All of the tests could be completed in as little as 15 minutes in the privacy of your home. When you're done, place the samples in the convenient prepaid envelope included in the kit and send them to us. We'll get in touch within seven business days to go over the results. If you test positive for any S t ice, our medical team will work with you closely to determine the best next steps. Way will prescribe antibiotics for certain infections or we will refer you to in person care if needed. If your results are negative, our medical team can help you decide when you should be tested. Next way. Usually recommend you get tested for STD eyes every year and sooner if you have unprotected sex with a new partner or are unsure of a partners S T I status. Attn. Eriks Our mission is to put you in control of your own health. Everyone should have access to convenient and affordable care no matter where you live, who you love or what you get up to in your free time and by everyone we mean you learn more about Neurex and R S t I home test kits at neurex dot com slash SD I dash testing. I want to know what may help to improve your skin, a good skincare routine and when it comes to routines, my forte can help. My forte is a free app that empowers you to keep track of your acne treatment progress by helping you create a daily skincare routine that works for you. With my forte, you can access important information about epic duo Forte Joe. Like prescription savings, keep track of your progress with weekly selfies. Get skincare tips sent right to your smartphone and because it's easier to form a good habit when it's a part of your routine, set daily reminders that help you ease into what light is full of big decisions. Let my forte hope with the small stuff so you can give skincare a starring role in your daily routine. Ask your dermatologist for more information about my forte app today. Routine matters my four takes can help.