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So let's say you want to improve your website to generate more sales, and you currently include this big Red Buy now button, which is often referred to as the call to action Sita. In short, this is your a version. Now let's assume you think that changing the text to continue to purchase might bring better results as it's less intimidating. This is your B version. So which is better with a V testing? Visitors will be randomly assigned to either A or B. Their interaction with each version is measured, counted and compared to determine which is better. To get precise data, make sure you're on Lee. Changing one element at a time could be an image, text or anything else. But only one of these theme beauty of a B testing is that you can experiment on almost anything. Marketing people, product people, designers. They can all use this method to find out what works best. Google developers have used it in the early two thousands to determine the optimal number of search results to display in a single page. So do you understand a B testing now? Yeah, I love it It. For 50 years, we have partnered together to bridge the gap. Gaps exist around financial inclusion, digitization, women's advancement and young leaders, voices needing to be heard in communities worldwide. Together, we have used the power of credit unions to bridge these gaps and our result AH credit union movement that is over 291 million strong. However, 2020 has showed us a growing inclusion. Gap still exists. Excluding a billion lives worldwide from services, opportunities and prosperity, they should have a chance to access. They're individuals and families seeking access to basic financial services in the face of political conflict. They're survivors of natural disasters, picking up the pieces of their lives and communities. They're resilient women seeking advancement, financial, wellness and leadership in decision making roles. Their young leaders, with the desire to connect globally, engage in meaningful exchange and inspire of more cooperative world thes our communities of people of places disconnected from financial services that help them grow and prosper. They all come from diverse backgrounds, ages and races, sharing similar inclusion gaps. Bridging these gaps is our mandate, our collective challenge. Looking ahead to 2025. If we close these gaps together, it will be a defining moment for our cooperative movement. What does bridging these gaps look like? Bridge the digital gap for credit unions worldwide, allowing the delivery of safe financial services to members and staff alike, smashing a gender gap. 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