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most dog food brands focus on the food, but there's feeding dogs and then there's caring for dogs. Bob, I got new for you. Fresh express, solid grilled chicken. I gotta go more work. Todo driving folks ain't gonna get somewhere. They should allow us cab drivers to arrest people with driving badly. My mom says she can read me like a book. So today I spoke volumes. I sent her flowers to say Thanks for being my mom's DC's Main Street Talk radio W P W C We act radio get out there and do something that you see the pocket. OK, everybody, get in the car. Come on, we're going camping. Wow! Thats Toyota Sienna has a lot of room in it. A night of celebration turned to horror is unfolding here as the great family was involved in a fatal hit and run. Of course not. You look like the type to enjoy Geico. 15 minute workout smartphone car lots, dumb phone curl ups, phone card, jump Wow! I can't make my lunch in the morning. I have way too many things to do. Luckily I have Lunchables. Lunchtime is all mine