Pocket Hose - High energy spot - Cowboy

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This is the Pocket hose, the hose that gets real small. This is in a cowboy dialect and high energy humorous tone.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) North American (South West - Texas)


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partner this year ain't no lasso this year's home. And if you think this is the coolest thing this hose does, think again. You ain't seen nothing yet. Does your heart just four? Hard to handle? Easily ticked, easily tangled Regular garden variety host Fit to be time you see the pocket homes Okay, so small of your back. Just turn on the tap in the bucket. Holds ultra grows and grows and grows into a full size home. No more hauling around. These heavy Holmes's are using these big old ugly homes. Really don't turn off the water and pocket hose. Ultra practical reels itself in. We made packet homes over three times stronger than your Rigano, and we had a ultra strong amber, you know, so you can a watertight seal every time. Those old rooms a barrel of fun to watch. But the rial bunch isn't it in the yard, on your car by the pool. It's literally gonna liven things up for you because water brings life here going down, and when you're done, it's easy to store throwing the door. Put it on a nail in the rise. Whatever makes sense. Nothing's worse than hose that keeps kicking pocket those old you think bigger. Think again. Your secret to pocket holds ultra is it's heavy duty construction a durable rubber homes on the inside that expands with water pressure and a tough outer lining to protect it. And you So you know we're not fixing. Oh, yes, it's so rugged Week their own Danke. It'll never leak even a drop. If it does, you get your money back. You could be You're a pocket owes ultra to your dying day I'm keeping the hose So wash your hands of those old washed up hoses Click here to get the hose that grows and grows Pocket hose Oltra ORT pocket holds a dot com kind now and get a 25 foot pocket does alter and we'll send you 100% free number. Egypt Leakproof elbow Get you in. The family could deliver yards. Lover, click here to see if my home Yeah, come on. How about her? Yeah, a lot of close. Those goes no kinks. Ho shrinks like Wait, keep grade And the deer in its little please do