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driving folks. I gotta get somewhere they should allow us cab drivers to arrest people but driving badly someone to crawl, swim high, prow, fish, jump, kick and flipping, Seek and push someone who could bring their friends together by the fire after a long day in the wilderness, someone who could laugh, then sigh in reply. Let's do it all again tomorrow. So God made an Explorer that I know too much about politics. All I know is we got a right wing and left wing. But if I was in the politics boy, I'd be a member of the chicken Wing. But if I did have a party moon, I call it the Toga Party. You know, a bunch of folks dressed funny, crazy and don't follow any of the rules. Wait a minute. That's too close to the tea party. Dependability and rugged, just three reasons why 25 nations depend on Blackhawk helicopters for multi mission support, with more than 2300 aircraft in service through 30 years of legendary performance for the Black Hawk helicopter family, DC's Main Street Talk radio, 14 80 AM W P W c we act radio. Get out there and do something. Howdy, partner. This here ain't no lasso this year's hose. But if you think that this is the coolest thing this hose does think again. You a see nothing yet. Does your hard to store hard to handle easily tangles easily. Kinked regular old garden variety host. Have you fit to be tied? Let me introduce the pocket hose. Ultra Ah hose so small it fits in your pocket. Can they be cultivated? Or does it come with hard work, dedication and years of experience? Be prepared, be resourceful. You may not end up in history books, but there will be stories told legendary arms works live legendary between every target is ah hunter with the right resource is to guarantee ah, 100% accuracy ripcord, ace.