Im a filipino citizen from Philippines ill share my real voice

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about to share a short tale script for kids

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Young Adult (18-35)


Filipino (Tagalog)


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Certainly. Here's a sample of script up an, a book intended for kids. This script is for a story titled The Magical Adventure of Luna Da Lama Titan again, The Magical Adventure of Lunar Ta Lama. Hello, kids. Are you ready for an exciting adventure? Today we're going to join Luna Tarama on a magical journey, Bill friendship and a little Sprinkle of magic. Luna Da Lama lived in a cozy little barn at the port of a Majestic mountain. She was no ordinary Lama. Luna had the ability to talk to animals. She could have long conversations with chirping birds, chatty ques and even the wise old or who live in the tallest street one sunny morning walk up with a big, you know, in a stretch. She knew today was going to be special because the poorest animals had told her about a hidden treasure deep within the enchanted forest. Lona had always dreamed upgoing on an adventure and today was her chance. Luna left her koa and set off towards the forests humming a happy chance on her way. She met her best friend Oliver, the own Oliver had been round glasses and was known for his wisdom. Good morning. Are you an adventure today? Yes, Oliver, I've heard about a treasure hidden in the enchanted forest and I'm going to find it or they their own. The sounds like with the luna. Remember the key to any adventure is kindness and courage. You do great, do nothing. Oliver, for his wise words continued on her way. As Lunar venture deeper into the forest, she encountered many challenge and made new friends along the way. She held a lost bunny, find its way home. Sung a catchy song with a square and even had a tick encounter with Amiibo Butterfly. Luna's heart sweat with joy as she realized that friendship and kindness were treasure more valuable than anything she could find. In the end, Luna did not find a chess bowl of gold, of jewels, but she discovered something even fresh and more precious. A heart full of love and unforgettable memories as the sun began to set. Luna returned to her Kosar where all the own was sweeting Oliver on. Welcome back, Luna, tell me, did you find the treasure you were looking for? Luna? Lama? Oh Oliver. I found something even better. I found the treasure of friendship and kindness and it the most magical ratio of all. And so kids magical adventure to an end. She learned that the real treasures in life aren't always made of gold and jewels but of love. Kindness and the wonderful prince we meet along the way. I hope you enjoy this enchanting tale of the LA. Remember the magic of kindness and friendship is always within your reach. Waiting to write 10 your own adventures. Kids, sir. Mom. Thank you.