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will rice narrative riel. I hesitate to use this quote since its extreme overuse has stripped it of its meaning. I'm sure you have heard it. I skate to where the puck is going to be. Not where it has been. Wayne Gretzky. The quote has been bandied about by an endless list of business leaders, authors and managers to remind us all that to succeed in business, we can't just focus on what is but instead on what is coming. It is used as a call to innovation, a call to look ahead, and although it has become cliche, it served its purpose. But in terms of organisational strategy in 2018 it no longer works of business, can no longer skate to where the puck is headed, because when they get there, it probably won't be a pup. Imagine you're playing hockey and you skate to where you think the puck will be. It's not there, and it is now a duck. That is where we are. Even organizations that seem to be thriving at the moment are teetering on the edge of irrelevance. Some of them know it. Others don't. If you think this business roller coaster is scary. I'm sorry to say we're still approaching the first drop. I have been working with faith based organizations for the last 15 years, the entire time I have witnessed them trying to catch up. The result is a constant rush forward to a state that is usually about five years old. And face it in todays world, last year seems like a lifetime ago. Some organizations have heated Gretzky's advice on Lee, finding disappointment when they get there and realized the game is no longer hockey. What we're witnessing across organizations of all types and sizes is not a failure to adapt to the current tech landscape. It is a failure to transform into an organization that understands that constant rapid change is now how the world functions. The world as we understand it will be radically different in five years. We can't predict how, and we won't even notice it is happening.