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This is a demo of a CueMe app that I auditioned for. The add was to be placed on YouTube.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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Meet Joe Jones and Mary Smith. Joe and Mary are friends and both like to play pool. Mary asks Joe if he has his Q E rating yet so he can play in the Q E streaming tournaments. Joe says, no, Mary says she's signing up with QE live streaming and getting the app downloaded to play in a pool tournament. Mary asks Joe to play. Joe says he doesn't have Qy live streaming with the app. Poor Mr Jones. That sucks. Mary supports Joe and feels bad he can't play because he doesn't have the Qy live streaming and the app. Mary shows Joe how easy it is to get QE live streaming an app so he can play in the tournament with Mary. Now that Joe and Mary both have the app and can stream live and join Q E tournaments. They can play more often and even play against others from home. Joe Jones asks Mary Smith to get married. Mary Smith is now Mary Jones. We bring people together but don't get the idea, but don't get the wrong idea. This is for playing pool, not a dating app. It really is a beautiful story. Hallmark material, ky bringing people and places together.