Instructions for a Walk in the Woods

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instructions for a walk in the woods Never turn around to check behind you. You'll see nothing. But once you start doing it, you won't be able to stop, and an ominous feeling will follow you until you don't lock your houses door behind you. If you stand very still and listen, you'll hear the woods calling for you. Don't answer, Never answer. You'll hear things quietly following you hidden in the trees by your sides. It's okay. They're just checking on. Don't be scared. What? We really, really wary. If you have a bad feeling about taking a certain path, don't you'll avoid whatever is waiting for you at the end of it. You never know what may be buried under the soil you're walking on. Remember that every time you take a step, pray that whatever it is won't wake up. Be careful not to step on any Beatle or you'll never get rid of them. If you bring a knife with you, name it. Otherwise the blade will turn against you. As soon as you try to use it, make sure you remember the way back home. As soon as you get lost, you're just another piece of fresh meat