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it's time to recognize what's really important. Feeling good inside and out. That's where three glasses of low fat or fat free milk a day come in. It's naturally nutrient rich like no other beverage. Nature's wellness drink. Discover it for yourself. Got milk. When I order a burger at McDonald's, they make it with 20% less meat than Burger King. Unbelievable. Luckily, I have the perfect way to tell them how I feel. I go to burger cane when enjoying the unique taste found and Diet Coke at work. You should be careful never to release your inner feelings towards your boss, such as proclaiming high. I mean golf. You must worship me. This would undoubtably started your boss and possibly leave you amongst the ranks of the unemployed, Thus leaving you would find out to ruin and unable to purchase more diet coat, blood and Kev loss, toil and fly wire courage and carbon gold and belief become epic. I am lighter than air. I am stronger than still the great ones understand. Ah, gold trophy. It means nothing. It means everything become epic. Today I will fight, hurt, dominate love. Try, try again When, When, when, when again, when again, when again become epic.