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Why Voices is the World’s Source for Radio Voice Actors

Unique voices

With over 200,000 voice actors, you will find your distinct brand voice at Voices.

Experienced voices

Our voice actors have completed over 19k radio voice over projects. Plus, many also offer editing services too.

Efficient services

Receive high-quality auditions (often in minutes) and a quote that fits within your budget.

Radio Project Voice Over Requirements

Brand recognition

Having a signature voice can help to ingrain brand recognition on the radio, and strengthen your brand’s image.

Value added services

Professional voice actors can edit and record radio ads, saving you time and money.

Fast turnaround

When releasing a radio ad, you need on-demand voice actors who can turn out voice over within the day.


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Voices in Action

At Voices, the number of project types that we can help you complete are nearly endless.
Our radio clients rely on us for all their voice over requirements.

How Voices works

Learn how Voices makes finding professional voice actors faster and easier than anyone else.

Voices’s SurePay™ service offers a proven, safe and sound way to pay

Whether you are an independent agency or operate as part of a larger corporation, keeping your funds secure is of utmost importance. Voices’s SurePay™ service offers a proven, safe and sound way to pay for the talent you hire and ensure your transactions are secure.

Our voting feature enables teams of all sizes to work together

When you have multiple stakeholders, from clients in other countries, to your Art Director down the hall, Voices makes it easy to take everyone’s opinion into consideration. Our voting feature enables teams of all sizes to work together, even when you’re apart.

Top Vocal Qualities for Radio Voice Over

Here are the top 5 vocal qualities (known as ‘styles’) that radio clients source from Voices in order to achieve a quality read, no matter the topic.

Voices Radio Client Case Studies

At Voices, the number of project types that we can help you complete are nearly endless.
Our radio clients rely on us for all their voice over requirements.

Rogers Texture App

Rogers Media Application Launch

Rogers Media, a subsidiary of Canada’s largest publishing company, and owner of radio and television properties, needed the perfect voice over to help them launch their new app, called Texture, in a multi-platform campaign that included a national television and radio campaign.

143 auditions
<1 day to complete project after hiring voice actor
1 week from casting to completion

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Radio has an incredible return on its advertising investment. Westwood One partnered with Nielsen Catalina Solutions in a study and found that radio ROI delivered $12 in sales for every $1 spent on advertising. Additional research on radio advertising effectiveness revealed that radio is 20% more effective for building a brand than any other advertising channel.
Remember to keep these things in mind, when you begin hiring voice actors for your radio projects:
  • Listen for your brand’s sound: How do you describe your brand personality? What is the target market your ad is appealing to? Consider all of this to ensure the voice over you select resonates with the brand image you are conveying sonically, all while feeling relatable to the audience you are targeting.
  • They voice actor is experienced with radio:You’ll want to keep a keen ear out for voice actors who have done a healthy amount of radio ads or shows. Professional voice talent who have previously undertaken these projects have shown they have the delivery and pace needed for radio.
  • Listen to their demos:When you post a job on Voices, you can get free custom voice over auditions using your radio script. However, you can also find radio voice actors by browsing radio voice actors and listening to demos.
  • Know your audience:Your listening audience may enjoy a certain style of voice, expect words to be pronounced in a particular way, or may be accustomed to hearing a specific type of voice. Knowing these facts about your audience will help you to decide which voice over is best for your radio ad.
  • Soft, medium or hard sell: Every radio ad is selling something, it’s just a matter of whether it’s a soft, medium or hard sell. Specifying the type of sell you’re looking for will help the voice actor to provide you with the best audition and finished voice over file.
It varies, depending on the duration and reach of the ad. For instance, an ad that is scheduled to run for one week on a local level will have a different cost from an ad that’s running for a month on a national level. View suggested pricing for broadcast voice over.
Radio ads that use humor often are most effective. Other effective styles lean on an emotional angle, and include ads with a storyline.

The top four most common style of radio ads over the last several years include:
  1. Humorous
  2. Emotional
  3. Edgy
  4. Hair-raising
You should use both. The effectiveness of radio ads are still too powerful to only do one or the other. While it’s important that your brand starts to advertise on Spotify, Pandora and other online audio streaming services, you should also be budgeting for radio advertising.
Yes. Consumers are remembering radio ads, with jingles and other audio clips sticking with them much more than other methods of advertising. A Westwood One study showed radio ad recall has grown 82% across multiple categories. Those who were exposed to the campaign were significantly more likely to recall the radio ad. Unaided brand recall is also higher with radio ads.