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Television and broadcast projects rely on professional voice over to create an instantly-recognizable signature sound in commercials and shows, all of which need character or narration voice over. Because a professional voice over can make or break your TV project, you need to ensure you have a unique, broadcast quality voice, tailored just for your script. Luckily, we have thousands of professional voice actors who can deliver just that.

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Television Project Voice Over Requirements

  • Signature voices offer instant brand recognition: Having a signature voice can help to ingrain brand recognition, even before the mention of your company name or product.
  • Broadcast quality voice over and editing services can add incredible value: Professional voice over or voice actors who can edit and record ads can save you time and money.
  • Access to multilingual voice over: Voice actors speaking a variety of languages, accents and dialects, can help you connect to diverse demographics with ease.
  • TV ads often require fast turnaround on voice over: When you are releasing a television ad, there’s no time to wait. You need on-demand voice over actors, who can turn around a voice over within the day.
  • Don’t make voice over an after-thought: A lot of TV work comes with big video production and media budgets, with much focus put on those as a result. Voice over is a relatively small part of the total budget, but an absolutely huge part of the overall effect - think about that important component from the start.
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Why Is The World’s Source For Television Voice Actors

  • Unique voices, on demand: With over 200,000 voice actors, you will find your distinct brand voice at When you need a unique voice and/or need it exclusively, is your destination.
  • Experienced voice actors: Our professional voice actors have completed over 27,000 television voice over projects. Plus, many also offer editing services too.
  • Global voice actors, authentic native speakers: voice actors live in over 160 countries, and speak over 100 languages, accents and dialects, ensuring you can achieve the authentic read you need from real native speakers, no matter where your spot will air.
  • Fast, efficient, professional: is the world’s #1 source for voice over. Receive high-quality auditions (often in minutes) and a quote that fits within your budget. Plus, our professional voice actors often complete jobs in 24 hours or less. You’ll be hard pressed to find this level of professional and fast turnaround times, without sacrificing quality.

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Top Vocal Qualities for Television Voice Over

Here are the top 5 vocal qualities (known as ‘styles’) that television
clients source from in order to achieve a professional read, no matter the topic.

Translation and Localization Services

Need someone to translate and record your script in Spanish, French or German? No problem. Thai or Urdu? Yes, we can do that too.

Whether you’re looking to translate your script into another language or localize your copy with a dialect or regional nuance, we can take care of everything. Television Client Case Studies


What They Needed

NBCUniversal’s NBC10, is one of the Philadelphia region’s leading media companies. NBC10 needed a “unique, strong voice” for a 30-second ad about the news station to air during the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games. The voice over needed to connect to their audience. The ad was received extremely well during its initial run and continues to air today.

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What We Delivered & The Results

  • 12 hours of total production time
  • 30-second promotional video
  • 1 professional voice over talent
  • Successful video premiere during the Winter Olympics
  • Fast and friendly digital correspondence with a tailored account manager
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Rogers Media

What They Needed

Rogers Media, a subsidiary of Canada's largest publishing company, and owner of radio and television properties, needed the perfect voice over to help them launch their new app, called Texture, in a national television and radio campaign.

Texture by Next Issue (Rogers)

What We Delivered & The Results

  • 143 custom auditions
  • 1 voice-over talent selected for the campaign
  • Less then 1 day to complete project after hiring voice actor
  • 1 week from casting to completion
  • Multi-platform campaign on digital, OOH, radio and television
  • Multiple national radio and TV spots (:15, :30), as well as national radio and TV tags
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Quick Tips For Hiring Voice Over For Television

What To Look For When Selecting Your Voice Over Actor

Listening for your brand’s sound
There is a bit of a divide when it comes to how voice over is done on television. Many companies (often those that have a lot of history or a legacy brand) still opt for a more classic, announcer-like voice for their television commercials. Others look for that girl/guy-next-door, authentic style voice. Make sure you pick the talent who has the TV voice that fits best for your audience and brand.

They have experience with TV
You’ll want to keep an eye (and a keen ear) out for voice actors who have completed multiple television ads or shows. Professional talent who have previously undertaken these projects have shown they can adhere to the high level of professionalism needed in TV.

Listen to their demos
If you haven’t posted a job for free with your script to get free custom auditions, then listening to a voice actor’s demos will help you determine if the voice actor is right for you. If they have other television voice over work listed in their profile, chances are they could be a great fit for your project as well.

Notice how the voice actor delivered your script
Taking direction means being able to adhere to script markups (such as pronunciation indicators) with ease and adapt to the flow of the ever-changing tv project.

Soft, medium or hard sell
Every radio ad is selling something, it’s just a matter of whether it’s a soft, medium or hard sell. You’ll want a voice that can deliver a stellar sell, depending on the tone of your radio ad campaign.

Don’t have your final script complete yet?

No worries! Even with a few lines and an idea of length for your work needed, you can get a jump on your project.
Make sure your voice over actor is ready to rock as soon as your script is.

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Effective Length For A TV Commercial

The best length for TV commercials has been hotly debated among advertisers for decades. Most North American broadcasters now offer a selection to advertisers to produce a 15, 30, or 60-second commercial.

30-second spots offer the ideal amount of time to effectively tap into all components of a good brand-building television commercial. It’s long enough to make an emotional and intellectual connection with the viewer, and create something that’s creative, memorable, and engaging enough to entice the viewer to learn more.

However, this isn’t to say that other commercial lengths won’t work for your brand. The amount of time you take may depend on your messaging and overall advertising strategy (e.g. perhaps you’re aiming for a series of 15-second ads to air close together to increase ad recall). So, as long as you are able to engage audiences and sell them on why your product is the product for them, the length of the spot can vary depending on your budget, needs and ultimate outcome.

Creative Brief

A good creative brief saves time, money and frustration. Use this professional grade free creative brief template for your next project! Download your own creative brief template and get started.

Creative Brief Template