Promoting Your Audiobook

Promote Your Audiobook on the Web To Increase Sales

There are 3 areas that you'll need to look after to build an online presence and get the word out there about your audiobook.

Launch an Audiobook Website

As an audio publisher who will be publishing many audiobooks, you'll want to have an official website for your publishing house that includes listings and pages for individual titles. You may also want to have a separate web presence for each title similar to how a movie production house will create sites on unique domains for their films.

Start an Blog Discussing Your Audiobook

What better way to communicate and keep your listeners informed than to write a blog? You could offer behind the scenes look at the recording of your audiobooks, author or narrator interviews, a sneak peek at titles you're going to release, and so on. Do you have recording sessions going on in-house? People really like to watch narrators at work and featuring videos will add a different way to engage visitors on your blog. You can install a blog on your primary domain to keep traffic on your website. Something you may want to consider is creating movie-style trailers to promote your titles, providing a short sample and taste of what is to come.

Create a Following on Social Networks

Connecting with your customer base and introducing your brand to new listeners is easy when you use social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter, and When using Facebook, be sure that you create a Fan Page as this is the best way to personalize your online presence at the site as well as gain support from your customers, fans and supporters. Show your gratitude to fans by running contests and doing giveaways on your Facebook page. Make your company personable and meet your customers where they are.

Written by Stephanie Ciccarelli