The A.R.T. Methodology

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Over the years has been the leading online marketplace for connecting brands with professional talent. We have helped over 100,000 brands connect with voice talent from all over the world and in over 100 different languages. With an average of 2,000 to 3,000 jobs posted to the site per month, we have revolutionized the industry by allowing brands to connect with voice talent easily and from anywhere with our website and mobile applications.

Although we have strived to make the site and mobile apps as easy as possible we understand that there are some clients that are too busy, or simply prefer the “white glove” approach to our service. In response to this need, we have created our Professional Services team, and the A.R.T Methodology.

The A.R.T. Methodology

The methodology outlines the process, our involvement, and our expectations as well as information we need to successfully complete your projects each and every time. Here’s how it works:


Phase One involves discovering more about you and your brand, establishing project specification and outlining expectations. Key information gathered in the discovery process includes the project target market, type, goals, either the script or an estimated word count of the script and what is most important to the success of this project. Artistic direction for the voice-over is also gathered in this phase to ensure the best possible auditions.

Phase Two is all about the audition. Upon receiving the custom auditions from prospective talent, we pre-screen the responses to make sure that you are getting variety along with quality. Depending on your needs, we will send you roughly 5 to 7 auditions matching the project specifications. From the selection of custom auditions, you will be able to select the voice you would like to tell your story. then hires the talent and starts the recording process.


Upon the receipt of the script, your dedicated Account Manager will review it and work with the voice talent to see that the script gets recorded correctly based on any given artistic direction. If you need to connect with the talent to give direction during the recording, we can coordinate a phone patch to bring everyone to the (virtual) table at the same time. The project is then recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by the talent, and if need be, any revisions are completed by your Account Manager which may include editing, converting files or any other mastering required. Lastly the files are exported into the required format and in broadcast quality.


We strive to ensure the success of your project. Upon the receipt of the final audio, we transfer the audio files to you via electronic means using a secure link for downloading. We also back-up all files to a secure data storage resource should you need us to resend the files at a later date.

The A.R.T. Methodology is a commitment to quality and delivering our award-winning customer service. This methodology has enabled us to successfully complete our projects each and every time.

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