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in a past life in 3 words: “Opportunities, professional, creative.”

Priscilla Hagen

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“To work on the craft and to pass the time between local auditions, I signed up with and began auditioning right away. To my surprise, my bookings with far exceeded any other source I had of finding work!” – Priscilla Hagen, Professional Voice talent


Priscilla’s voice is friendly, conversational, and warm. As a five star-rated talent, Priscilla has spent the last twenty-five years working as a professional actor, voice actor, and professor of theatre.

A relative newcomer to, she specializes in “real person” testimonials in e-learning, business, and radio and television projects. She also voices characters who might speak in a dialect or accent. Because of her former work as a professor, Priscilla especially enjoys working on projects that educate listeners, such as narration projects for the medical industry and her series of safety videos for the Norwegian oil and gas industry. Priscilla now records her auditions in her Minneapolis home, where she records jobs for clients like Google, National Geographic, and Johnson & Johnson, to name a few.


Before, Priscilla was a professor and professional stage actress. She had been doing freelance voice over work for commercial and print agents in her city, thanks to her own marketing efforts to production companies and advertising agencies.

“I really enjoy the fact that I can direct clients to my talent page on This has freed me from maintaining a personal website! Also, I feel like the Account Managers are on my side. They are very responsive if I have a question about an audition or a client. I have even had a staff member give me immediate feedback so I can make an audition demo better and resubmit. Any questions I have on the tech side of things are also answered right away. And I love, love, love that I can send work through the site – it’s so convenient.”

Priscilla Hagen, Professional Voice Talent


With a background in theatre, Priscilla was often drawn to audition for the ‘real person’ testimonials of middle-aged and senior characters – roles with fewer opportunities in her local market.


Since joining in 2015, Priscilla has booked 29 jobs – that’s almost two jobs a month. She typically completes 25 auditions a week, using her platform.

“ has helped me with my television, print, and corporate video auditions. I’m often complimented on how naturally I handle copy in front of the camera, and that is all thanks to the sheer volume of auditions I get on!”

Priscilla Hagen, Professional Voice Talent


For Priscilla, auditioning for work with improved not only the mass and variety of work that she gets, but also complimented her work as an on camera actor. Through’s platform, she has been able to maximize the number and diversity of jobs that she gets.


Priscilla has also enjoyed the unique professional benefits of having a membership with, namely the fact that she can use her profile as another tool in her marketing kit.

Through, Priscilla had the opportunity to be the voice of Gloria Ferrer in a short film about her winery in Napa. She was able to utilize her dialect skills throughout with an authentic sounding Spanish accent, narrating a short film series for The Gloria Ferrer Winery in Napa California:


Like her role as Gloria, Priscilla has had other opportunities to utilize her accent skills through the platform. She voiced Dr. Margaret Chan, the head of the World Health Organization for an internal business project with Johnson & Johnson. She has also voiced Haya, a senior reminiscing about Insight Tec’s Neurosurgery for Tremors.


And then there was another unique accent role for ClassTracks, an elearning program for english learners. It was another accent highlight for Priscillia, playing a high school Spanish language teacher by day and a Zorro figure with a Spanish accent by night for ClassTracks!


Signing up with has exceeded what Priscilla was expecting when she first started out. The result has been a very fulfilling career, with promise of even more great opportunities to stretch her acting muscles down the road, all while still maintaining a steady flow of work.


“I’ve enjoyed almost every project, big and small, so far. My biggest win is being able to book jobs monthly, and has a lot to do with that!”

Priscilla Hagen, Professional Voice Talent


For more on Priscilla, visit her profile here!

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