Watermark my auditions with background music?

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I am considering watermarking my auditions with background music. Is that a good or bad idea?

I also thought about using my desk mike for auditions (while stating this in the presentation message), which is high quality, but not as professional as my sound booth and condenser mike. The client will hear my voice and delivery, but perhaps not at full broadcast quality.

This will mean being able to fire off a lot more auditions, so seems a sound approach. Comments?
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The short answer is no and no.  You don't want to put background music under your auditions.  The clients need to hear your voice dry.  They will have music of their own in mind and your choices may be distracting.  You can add a beep or tone on a word to make the audition unusable, but usually, unless the copy is extremely short, I just leave some copy out, which also solves the problem.  You need to present your auditions with the same quality audio as you would a finished product.  Clients are judging your audio quality AND your read at the same time and will kick out anything that sounds sub-par.  I recommend you re-work your booth to make it easy to have your audition material in there.  Can you bring in a laptop or ipad that has your Voices.com account up and running?  One of the top reasons to get dropped by a client is poor audio quality.

Hope that helps.  Good luck!
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