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Here Are Your 2023 Voicey Award Winners

Keaton Robbins | March 1, 2023

The 2023 Voicey Awards are here, and the winners have been revealed!

Launched in 2019, The Voicey Awards recognize the achievements of our talent each year. Of the 18 categories, each winner is determined based on the criteria of most hired, favorited, and rating.

In this article

  1. Top Five Awards
  2. Most Favorited Demo of the Year
  3. Best New Demo of the Year
  4. Best Demo of the Year
  5. Best Female Voice Actor of the Year
  6. Best Male Voice Actor of the Year
  7. Category Awards
  8. Animation
  9. Documentaries
  10. eLearning
  11. Online Ad
  12. Movie Trailers
  13. Podcasting
  14. Radio
  15. Telephone
  16. Television Ads
  17. Video Games
  18. Video Narration
  19. Voice Assistant

The Voicey Awards are awarded to talent in 18 categories based on an accumulative ranking of most hired, favorited profile, and highest rating in the previous year. There are no judges—the Voicey Awards are awarded strictly based on data!

Without further ado, here are this year’s winners:

Top Five Awards

Most Favorited Demo of the Year

Thomas Copeland Jr

“I didn’t even know I was getting considered for an award. I’m ecstatic as it caught me by surprise. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, thank you Voices, and God, for the opportunities you’ve given me. Thank you for having this platform for voice over actors to showcase our abilities and connect with clients from around the world. I’m very grateful.”

Best New Demo of the Year

Rashmi Sharma

“I want to thank Voices for selecting me for Best New Demo of the Year.” 

Best Demo of the Year

Bridget Paul

“I’m so grateful and excited about winning this Voicey award. I’d like to thank Voices for making this happen.” 

Best Female Voice Actor of the Year

Rachael West

Best Male Voice Actor of the Year

David Kaplan

“Wow. Best Male Voice Actor, two years in a row…amazing. All I can say is thank you to everybody who made the decision to bestow these awards upon me. A big thank you to my family, who put up with me through it all, every year, to get it done.”  

Category Awards


Rachael West


Rachael West


David Kaplan

Online Ad

Rachael West

Movie Trailers

Louise Saint-Claire

“Thank you Voices for honoring me with this award. I’m absolutely thrilled to accept the Voicey award for Best Voice Actor, Movie Trailers. What a thrill!”


Brad Ziffer & Nicole DiCamillo

“Thank you so much Voices for awarding me with the Voicey award for Best Voice Actor, Podcasting. An even bigger thank you to every single client who’s booked me for podcasting in this last year.”


Dean Wendt

“Thank you so much for my award! I really appreciate it; I love working for Voices.”


LM Floyd

Television Ads

John Q Kubin

“Thank you so much for another great year and for the Voicey Award. I love the platform and love getting to work with each and every one of you every day. Congratulations to all the other voice actors on their success. Let’s have a great 2023.”  

Video Games

Steven Kelly

“Thanks to Voices for the Voicey award for Best Voice Actor, Video Games. You very generously bestowed this upon me in 2020 as well. I love playing characters, so thanks for all the opportunities.” 

Video Narration

Rachael West

Voice Assistant

Adam Riley

“It’s really an honor to be recognized among all the incredible artists that use this site. I’ve been on Voices for almost eight years and it has been such a game-changer for both my career and my life! I really look forward to the next eight years and all the opportunities that may come with that.”

Read more about the 2023 Voicey Awards here.

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