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Helpful Videos Answering Your Most Common Questions

You may have noticed a lot more helpful content coming from our YouTube channel lately. 

That’s because, in addition to our written user guides, we wanted to provide voice actors and clients looking to hire voice actors with videos to show them how to use Voices, answer questions we often get sent to our support team, and provide the most helpful and relevant content possible.

Over the past two months, we have distributed six new videos specifically tailored to helping voice actors, creative directors, agencies, casting directors, video producers, video and content producers who use Voices.

“We want to provide the most helpful content possible,” Angela Hawkins, VP of Marketing at Voices said. “We really wanted to hone in on creating helpful video content that helps our users navigate through Voices. Sometimes, it’s easier to show than to tell..”

Hawkins says the purpose behind creating content like this is to answer niche questions that Voices clients are asking, and to provide easy-to-follow visuals to help them perform the desired outcome as quickly as possible.

Here is a rundown of all six new support videos:

1. How to Add a Demo

“So you’ve just created your Voices profile, and you want to show off your skills.”

In this ‘How to’ video, we explain to new voice actors how to add a voice over demo after they’ve created a Voices profile.

2. How to Update a Job Proposal 

“You just sent in that audition for that dream client but you need to make a change to your job proposal.”

3. Adding Team Members to Your Voices Profile

“So you’ve created your account on Voices, and now you want to add additional members to your production team.”

In this video, we explain how clients can invite or add other co-workers or collaborators to their Voices profile to review demos and auditions.

4. How to Add a Payment to Talent

“So the talent that you’re working with has just provided you with an additional asset for your project.”

In this ‘How to’ video, we explain how clients can add a payment to a talent on a specific job. 

5. All About Shortlists

“So you’ve posted your project and now auditions are rolling in. To help your team find that perfect talent for production, we can use shortlists.”

In this video, we explain how to create a shortlist and what the benefits are to creating a shortlist of your favorite voice over auditions for your project.

6. How to Send a Private Invite

“So you’re ready to do your next production with Voices, but you want to work with a specific talent.”

In this ‘How to’ video, we show how easy it is to invite a voice actor you have in mind that you want to specific invite to audition for your next project.

“This is the start of a larger helpful content push that you will see from Voices in 2022 and leading into 2023. We want to be helpful to voice over talent, clients hiring voice over actors and potential customers who are learning how Voices can best fit into their plans.”

You can expect more ‘How To’ videos and written content from our team in the near future. What topics would you like help with?

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