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Video: How To Add Demos to Your Voice Actor Profile

Every day clients come to Voices.com to hire talent for their voice-over projects. About 65% of clients post jobs publicly, and the rest of...

Faceware Technologies Inc. Demos “Faceware Live” at SIGGRAPH 2013

Faceware Technologies Inc. is leading the market in 3D facial motion capture solutions. To add to their current arsenal of MoCap products they recently...
share your voices.com profile on social media

Share Your Voices.com Demos on Social Media

On the Voices.com iPhone App, you have the ability to promote and share all of your demos on Facebook, Twitter and email.

How To Replace or Delete Demos on Voices.com

Is your demo showing its age? Has your voice changed or are you reinventing how you present yourself? There are any number of reasons why you...

Music in Demos? Let the Debate Begin!

I recently received a question from someone starting out who asked if music was necessary to include in a voice over demo. As I got...

Are You Living Up to Your Demos?

Just how important is it that you can replicate everything on your demo? Whether it's production, vocal artistry or interpretation, people get the distinct impression...

The Liabilities of Using Audition Spots on Demos

What happens when you use auditions as spots on demos? Who does the custom voice sample of work you've auditioned for but not booked belong...

Yes, People Do Book Off Their Demos at Voices.com!

Is it true that people can still get work straight off their demos? Can you book a voice over job by simply uploading a number...

Boot Me Up, Scotty! How To Get Your Demos To Load Faster

Getting audio files to download faster on the Internet

Producers Respond To Open Letter on Voice Over Demos

If you're one of my friends on Facebook, you may have run across a note I wrote entitled "An Open Letter to Voice Over...

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