A Simplified Rate Guide for 2023

Allison Mitchell | January 27, 2023

Voice over rates can fluctuate heavily based on a number of different factors such as, talent experience, complexity of the job, time required, length of script and much more. It is difficult to capture all of these moving pieces in one concise rate guide, which results in rate guides showing large ranges and the rates not accurately reflecting the actual cost of the project. At Voices we have seen this time and time again and so we decided to approach the 2023 rate guide in a simpler way.

What has changed?

In this article

  1. What has changed?
  2. What does this mean for me as a voice actor?
  3. What does this mean for me as a client?
  4. Other Considerations
  5. Continue Researching to Quote or Price Fairly 

Voices is pleased to share that the 2023 rate guide eliminates the discrepancy between suggested rates and the true cost of voice over. The new rate guide shows the average cost of similar projects successfully completed on Voices, instead of a range. 

The average cost takes the guesswork out of quoting and pricing to provide you with a real, accurate number to work from. Clients seeking a more experienced voice actor or with a complex job will be encouraged to price higher versus clients with a simpler job and a smaller budget who have the option to price lower.

What does this mean for me as a voice actor?

The purpose of this new guide is to provide you, as the talent, with the freedom to quote on jobs the way you want to and to encourage client budgets to accurately reflect what the jobs are worth. This will help in your negotiations and empower you to quote accordingly. 

In the spirit of empowering the voice actors on our platform, we have also removed in-perpetuity from the guide. We heard from our community that in-perpetuity is an ongoing concern and are hoping to discourage unfair licensing and pricing on these jobs. It will still be available on the job form for those talent who are looking for in-perpetuity jobs because in the auditioning process, the bidding and price is set by talent. 
We encourage you to use this guide to help you quote on jobs. That can be by printing it out to reference, using it in negotiations, or you can simply keep an eye on it to keep a pulse on the going rate of various jobs. 

What does this mean for me as a client?

The rate guide should be used as just that, a guide! It will help you to see an approximate value for budget based on what other clients are paying for similar jobs. Please keep in mind that the talent quotes will vary based on their level of experience, the complexity of the job, the time involved, and other factors. Listening to a variety of auditions, even if the quote is outside of your planned budget, can give you a better sense of what might fit best for your job.

If you’re looking for a more accurate, custom budget, you can complete the job form. Before posting you will see a budget tailored to your job. 

Other Considerations

When using the rate guide please keep in mind

  1. All costs are shown in USD
  2. All costs are for reference only. Each talent reserves the right to charge their own fee. 

When calculating your quote or posting your job, we encourage you to consider all aspects of the job and use discretion.

Continue Researching to Quote or Price Fairly 

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