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Best Freelance Gigs to Start in 2024 with Little to No Money

Keaton Robbins | July 22, 2022

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The gig economy was already full-force before many people had to rely on freelance gigs in 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And by 2021, about 16% of workers, or 1 in 6, reported earning money through an online freelance gig.

Many newer freelance jobs are online-only or involve working for ridesharing or delivery apps, but the freelance gigs that have been around for years cover a variety of industries. 

In this article

  1. What Are Freelance Gigs? 
  2. What’s With the Rise of Freelance Gigs?
  3. The Best Freelance Jobs to Start in 2024
  4. 1. Marketing 
  5. 2. Voice Acting
  6. 3. Virtual Assisting
  7. 4. Freelance Writing
  8. 5. Website Building
  9. Final Thoughts About Freelance Gigs

Voice actors, writers, virtual assistants, marketers, and website builders often work on a freelance basis. Many gigs are remote jobs, like voice actors who record at home, while employers in some industries hire local workers for occasional on-site work or meetings.

These freelance gigs are great ways to start freelancing in 2024 with little to no money.

What Are Freelance Gigs? 

Freelance gigs are typically jobs you’ll work for a limited time. For example, voice over talent might record one audiobook or narration for one production without the employer guaranteeing another, though good work naturally leads to more projects. 

Instead of being an employee, you’ll work on a limited project and, in many cases, work remotely under a contract. 

As a freelance worker, you’ll have to keep track of what you owe in taxes, but you’ll have the freedom to aim for the jobs you want without being locked into a single employer. 

What’s With the Rise of Freelance Gigs?

A sharp uptick in the popularity of freelance gigs happened over the last two years, with people looking for short-term ways to make money while their main job remained closed or affected by people staying at home. 

The real rise of the gig economy started in 2007, though. The Great Recession led to gig work outpacing the growth of traditional jobs so much that more and more people turned to part-time and short-term gigs to make ends meet. 

Some self-employed people supplement their income with gig work, while others do it exclusively and earn a full-time income freelancing.

Businesses hire gig workers to save on the costs of hiring employees, like extensive training, benefits, and tax accounting. And in many cases, companies and productions can find a much better fit for their projects by looking through a large pool of available freelancers for top talent. 

The Best Freelance Jobs to Start in 2024

The freelance gig economy is here to stay, so here are five jobs that are worth exploring if you want  to get started freelancing for little to no money. 

1. Marketing 

If you have a knack for promotion or are willing to learn some basics, freelance marketing can give you the freedom to work from home. 

You can research important skills online for free, like copywriting for ads and search engine optimization (SEO). Many low-cost courses are also available to help you learn new skills and strategies. 

You can focus on one niche like social media marketing or choose one or two industries like technology or health and offer several types of marketing to businesses under those umbrellas. 

Some companies hire people for social media management who create all the promotional content for Facebook and Instagram. Your computer and a willingness to learn are enough to get you started. 

2. Voice Acting

When people think of voice actors, many probably think of actors who voice characters in cartoons and anime. But voice over actors also narrate video ads, video games, informational YouTube videos, video courses, and audiobooks. 

You’ll need to make a small investment up front for the right equipment, like a condenser microphone, a pop filter, an audio interface, and recording software that allows easy editing. 

A quiet room in your home where you can soundproof as much as possible is also a must for the best quality recordings. A class or private coach can help you get started in voice acting or improve your skills to increase the number of voice over jobs you get. 

Voice acting is a gig you can do at home in your spare time or expand into a full-time business. 

3. Virtual Assisting

Virtual assistants handle administrative tasks for their employers. The skills you need depend on the industry and the employer, but customer support, email processing, content creation, and scheduling are common virtual assistant tasks. 

Virtual assistants do most of the jobs a secretary or assistant might do in an office but from a remote location. The gig requires using office software like word processors and spreadsheets and making phone calls. 

Other skills include the ability to organize and manage a workflow. Experience in customer service and administrative work can help you get started as a freelance virtual assistant. 

4. Freelance Writing

Freelance writers are in demand for everything from product descriptions to jingle writing. The profession provides freedom to work for yourself on your schedule as long as you meet deadlines and submit quality work. 

Online research about types of writing gigs available, a grammar and style refresher course, and some samples you write to demonstrate your skills can help you get started with the computer and word processing software you probably already have. 

5. Website Building

If you have programming and coding skills, you can put them to use by building websites for businesses. An eye for design can help, but you can get started with basic HTML and CSS knowledge, then develop your skills as you work. 

Free and affordable courses in HTML and other markup languages are a great way to get started. If you’re familiar with WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and other website builders, you can save businesses time by setting up their websites without specialized coding knowledge. 

Final Thoughts About Freelance Gigs

You can get started as a marketer, writer, virtual assistant, voice actor, or website builder with little to no money. All offer the freedom to manage your schedule, earn as much as you want, and work from home part-time or full-time. 

If you’re willing to invest a little time into researching the gigs you want, you’ll discover even more opportunities that align with your skills and interests. These varied work experiences will help you become a successful freelancer in today’s gig economy. 

What about you? What do you think the best freelance gigs are? Leave your opinions below!

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