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How To Manage Your Freelance Business

Running a freelance business is exciting, but some things can trip you up. Here's how to manage your freelance business.

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Making Money
Best Freelance Gigs to Start in 2024 with Little to No...

Many gigs are remote jobs. These 5 freelance gigs are great ways to start freelancing in 2024 with little to no money.

A black woman with long dark hair talks in a video conference on her laptop.
The New Freelancers: Tapping Talent in the 2024 Gig...

This article will take you through the details of how digital freelance platforms have paved the way for the gig economy to come to maturity.

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The Best Project Management Tools for Freelancers

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your jam-packed calendar or an endless list of tight deadlines, keep reading to learn how to take back control of your...

How to Create a Freelancer Business Website Using...

The best way to create a freelancer website is to use a content management system like WordPress and install the Elementor website builder plugin.

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Here’s What Readers are Saying About Our 2022...

Here's what readers are saying about the emerging trends we identified and predictions we made in our 2022 Trends Report.

4 Ways to Take Great Headshots at Home

A headshot is a critical component to how you market yourself online. Here are 4 major considerations to keep in mind when shooting yours from the comfort of...

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Freelancer for Your...

Hiring freelance talent is a great option when you’re engaging in creative work, outreach, or even creating training videos. Learn more about the benefits of...

Voices Insiders
Voice Acting
Remote Work Tips for Voice Actors

Professional voice actors share their advice and tips to help you navigate remote work and working from home as a voice actor.

Freelancer working from home on a laptop and communicating with clients
The Top 5 Freelance Skills You Need in 2024

Using insights gleaned from Voices's 2023 Trends Report, we count down the top freelance skills to help you level up your career in 2024.

Blond-haired man wearing virtual reality headset
VR in 2020: How Life Went Virtual During the Pandemic

Virtual reality has taken off during the pandemic, and countless sectors are adopting the technology. Here's how VR is changing the world.

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Illustrator Antony Hare on Finding Freelance Success

Have you ever thought about building a freelance business? Antony Hare (New Yorker, New York Times), illustrator, discusses his journey.

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