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14 Career Goals for Voice Actors in 2023

Whenever a new year rolls around, it’s worth setting aside some time to reflect on your growth over the past year and map out what you hope to accomplish in the year to come. Writing down your goals is a great way to begin to actualize what you hope to achieve in both your personal and professional lives.

As a voice actor, getting your career goals down on paper and routinely checking in on them is a valuable practice that will help you determine what level of progress you’re making.

A large portion of voice actors are freelancers who treat their profession as their own personal business. Like any other industrious freelancer, most voice actors are perpetually auditioning for the next role, corresponding with clients, running lines, keeping up with industry trends, improving their skill set through online and traditional forms of education, and expanding their presence by networking on social media and remaining active on online voice acting platforms. 

Whether you’re an emerging voice actor who has recently decided to give voice over a shot, or a seasoned talent with years of experience under your belt, marking down some distinct career goals will give you a roadmap of checkpoints to work toward. 

However, a problem that many people encounter when they make New Year’s resolutions or set goals for themselves is that the goals are actually too vague to accomplish. If your goals only motion toward something you’d like to reach in the direction of, without any concrete target or game plan, then it’s likely that you won’t actually be able to achieve them. When your goal is just a nebulous idea, then you won’t have the metrics to gauge whether you’re following through and achieving them or not. 

Luckily, there’s a handy trick that you can use to create smarter career goals. To start your voice acting career off on the right this year, let’s break down how to set SMART goals so that you can head into the new year and work toward accomplishing these 14 career goals for voice actors. 

14 Career Goals for Voice Actors to Aspire Toward in 2023

As a voice actor, your goals may cover a lot of ground that spans well beyond the jobs you complete. 

Of course, some career goals may be directly related to the work. Your 2023 voice acting career goals may include the number of jobs you audition for, the number of jobs you are hired for, the star reviews you receive, and more. 

Other career goals may revolve around aspects of your voice acting career that seem peripheral, yet actually contribute a great deal to your overall success. These goals can focus on your home studio setup, your daily routine as a full-time freelancer or somebody who does voice acting part-time on the side, or even the agency representation that you use to find more work. 

Here are examples of 14 key voice acting career goals, categorized by personal development themes, that you may aspire to as a voice actor in 2023. 

Your Clients

Booking work and building lasting relationships with clients is central to success as a voice actor. Some career goals you may set for yourself in 2023 when it comes to your clients may include: 

  1. Book your first job
  2. Book your first $1,000 job
  3. Get your first repeat client
  4. Win a client on another continent

Your Studio

Building up the tech specs of your home studio and the tactics you employ to find work can be as integral to the process of being a well-rounded voice actor as the actual recording sessions are. 

  1. Build your home studio
  2. Upgrade your home studio
  3. Get an agent
  4. Get an agent in another city

Your Demos

A lot of the time, your voice acting demos are what get you the work in the first place. Your voice over demo is often the first thing a prospective client hears once they visit your website or voice acting profile, so the more well-produced demo you have to showcase your talents, the better.

  1. Upload your first demo
  2. Get 100 listens of your demo
  3. Achieve 1,000 listens of your demo

Your Achievements

Part of the Voices experience is about garnering attention for your vocal capabilities and unlocking features of the platform that help highlight the exceptional work that our talent are consistently doing.

  1. Get your first 5-star review
  2. Land on the Top 100 List
  3. Become Verified on Voices

Accomplish Your Career Goals in 2023

If you’re looking to embark or continue on the path toward getting your voice heard as a professional voice actor, signing up for a Voices account is the best place to start. 

No matter what stage you’re at in your career, on Voices you can establish an online presence, get your voice heard by peers and industry pros, submit custom auditions for voice over jobs with some of the world’s biggest brands, and more.

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