Utilizing Social Media for Your Business

As promised we will now circle around to Social Media. These days it's not just about who you know, it's about how many people you "know" that matters. Are you part of the global online network yet?

The Global Social Network

It’s somewhat surprising how under-utilized social media is by many professional voice talent. In a literal sense, being a friend usually entails knowing someone and engaging in activities or community on a regular basis, whether through an organization or personal relationships formed over years of being acquainted. Usually there are common interests, bonds and even shared relatives or mutual friends.

How Do You Network Socially?

  1. Go to any social networking site.
  2. Sign-up for a free account.
  3. Create your profile.
  4. Start adding "friends" with similar interests.
  5. Approve people who add you as their "friend."
  6. Start communicating!

Top Social Networking Websites

Social Networking Defined:

In recent times, acquiring virtual friendships has entered into our society within the open doors of the Internet by means of social networking sites, sites whose users ask the question, "will you be my friend?" How many millions of people have experienced the phenomenon of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter created solely for the purpose of facilitating relationships between people with similar interests and business goals?


Facebook is an incredibly innovative social networking website that attracts both ends of the spectrum age wise and has a very professional interface. You can create a page strictly for connecting with ‘real’ friends and family as well set a group page up for your voice-over business so that these aspects of your life can have a respectable distance.

Why is Facebook great for voice talent?

Facebook allows you to join groups, add friends, and incorporate applications into your profile to share your blog posts and help direct people to your website. Your profile can be indexed by the search engines and you can link out from your profile to your website and blog. The ability to post notes and update your status on the fly also gives you an opportunity to communicate to your following all at once. Create a group to promote your voice and invite your clients to join. You can send out emails to your members easily to announce a new demo, work you’ve recently completed, news, and more.

Learn more: http://www.facebook.com


LinkedIn is one of the first social networking sites specific to professional networking. It focuses on facilitating the connection of service providers in a traditional manner.

Why is LinkedIn great for voice talent?

LinkedIn classifies nearly every aspect of what people do in their professional lives and makes it simple to connect with others in the industry of your choice or related industries. You are able to add friends and develop a network of other voice actors, producers, casting directors and so forth. You can also observe a “six degrees of separation” type family tree of who knows who, how they know each other, and how you might also become acquainted with someone who is a friend of a friend by means of an introduction from said mutual friend.

Learn more: http://www.linkedin.com


Twitter is being used by more and more for professional use. Gone are the days (well, mostly) where people uselessly tell their followers what they eat for breakfast. In our industry clients are using it to locate voice talent; reporters use it to source stories, and talent use it to promote new work or demos.

The word used to describe a Twitter update is a “Tweet.” A tweet is essentially a message that is posted publicly and can be likened to a status update on Facebook. It allows you to provide short updates, in a 140 characters or less, to those who are following you, to engage with others in your space or to share information that you have found useful, interesting or of value.

Why is Twitter great for voice talent?

You can “follow” people who are of interest to your business.  Likewise, people can “follow” you.  When you follow other people you will see their Tweets in your main Twitter feed and you can reply or Retweet as you see fit which is seen as an endorsement or a vote of confidence. This can help you build a rapport with potential clients and industry affiliates.

Learn more: https://twitter.com/


Owned by Google, YouTube is the single largest video sharing website on the Internet and accounts for more than twice as much activity and content as all competing video sharing websites combined. Uploading your videos to YouTube is easy and people can vote for your video, comment on it, share it, embed the file on their own websites to promote you, and can also add you to their favorites as well as playlists. 

Learn more: http://www.youtube.com


One of the largest photo sharing websites on the Internet, owned by Yahoo!, Flickr gives you the opportunity to upload, organize and share your photographs and or images. If named and tagged properly, these photos can be found through search engine inquiries and provide you with more visibility and a greater web presence. Users of Flickr have a photo stream, perfect for promoting images related to your voice-over business.

Learn more: http://www.flickr.com