Benefits of Hiring a Professional Freelancer for Your Business

Tara Parachuk | August 10, 2021

Having an in-house studio for your business’s creative needs isn’t feasible, worthwhile, or cost effective for everyone. Training current employees can be time-intensive and may take away from other necessary work. This is why professional freelancers can elevate a business in every industry. 

Did you know 90% of Americans are open to the idea of freelance work? Hiring freelance talent should be considered if you’re engaging in creative work, outreach, or even creating training videos. Outsourcing is a sound option for any business that doesn’t already have the required talent on hand.

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  1. The Benefits of Hiring a Freelancer for your Business
  2. Freelancers are Specialists
  3. Extreme Flexibility to Scale Your Team
  4. Budget and Timing can be Decided on a Project Basis
  5. Wide Pool of Talent Tailored to your Needs
  6. Lower Overall Cost
  7. People Also Ask
  8. Why Work With a Professional Freelancer?
  9. When Should You Hire a Freelancer?
  10. Why Do Companies Prefer Freelancers?
  11. Before You Go

Here’s why outsourcing freelance talent for your business is often the best option.

The Benefits of Hiring a Freelancer for your Business

There are many reasons that hiring freelancers is a good choice for any business, especially when it comes to creative projects.

Whether you think you need help in your call center, with the creation of marketing videos, or access to more creative-driven talent, outsourcing this work to professionals is your best bet. Here are the top advantages of hiring freelancers through Voices:  

  • Freelancers are specialists in their field
  • Flexibility to complete your project on time
  • Budget and timing can be decided on a per project basis
  • Wide pool of talent tailored to your needs
  • Cost effective

Freelancers are Specialists

When you hire freelance talent to work on your project, they come equipped with a uniquely wide range of experience. Because they’re contractors, they’ve honed their specialty skills previously with other brands and are experts in their field. 

At Voices, finding talent with the experience to deliver something perfect for your intended audience is made easy using VoiceMatch. Say your project calls for someone to do a radio spot for a product. A freelancer who has done voice work for many other businesses will understand how to audibly sell your product better than someone on your team. Though your team may know the product best, a skilled voice over professional will know how to make it sound good on the radio

Extreme Flexibility to Scale Your Team

With many projects on the go, it can be challenging to find one person that fits every campaign. Sometimes you need a translator, sometimes you may need a musician, and sometimes you may need an audio producer.

If you have an influx of projects, freelancers are the best option to fill spots as needed. When they complete a project, the freelancer can move on and you’re onto the next campaign. Contractors are familiar with working on a project or timeframe basis. In fact, short-term work is usually the norm for a freelancer.

As we mentioned, you can hire a freelancer to fill a very specific role. If you only need someone on a per project basis, hiring a freelance talent is a great option. Being able to scale your creative talent in this way will ultimately save you time and money. 

Budget and Timing can be Decided on a Project Basis

You can seek out freelancers based on your budget per project. Some projects have higher budgets than others, but you can find the right talent every time as the pool of freelancers ranges from novice to experts in each field.   

When you hire a contractor, you can set the amount of time they work and let them know exactly how long you need them to work on your project. Because they work contract to contract, freelancers are usually pretty flexible themselves. 

Whether you need someone to complete a project asap or have flexibility with the turnaround time, you can find someone who will commit to your exact requirements. 

Wide Pool of Talent Tailored to your Needs

When hiring a freelancer, you are most likely looking for someone with unique skills that your current employees lack. You want to hire someone who can do something no one in your office can currently do to the level of professionalism required.

You have a good reason to outsource your work. You may have an exceptional in-house team, but even the best colleagues can’t do everything. You can hire a freelancer based on extremely specific skills, budget, and availability to complement your team’s abilities and move your brand forward. 

With more than 70,000 translators, 31,000 audio producers, and 23,000 musicians newly offering their expert services through the Voices marketplace at time of writing, it is now even easier to complete creative projects quickly and safely. 

Lower Overall Cost

Hiring a freelancer will be more cost effective than onboarding full-time team members that you may not have work for after a project is finished. Rather than spending precious time and money hiring, onboarding, and training a new permanent team member, you can quickly and easily turn to a freelancing marketplace like Voices to bridge the creative gap needed for your projects. 

Unless your business already produces videos or podcasts, you likely don’t have professional studio equipment. Freelancers often work remotely, use their own equipment, and typically are not afforded benefits, meaning you save on overhead office, equipment, and benefits costs as well. 

Because the contract is negotiated clearly ahead of time, there is no risk to you when hiring a professional freelancer. With a clearly outlined contract, you can agree on exactly what they will be paid and what costs you will or won’t cover before beginning the project, offering peace of mind and ongoing savings. 

People Also Ask

If you still have concerns about incorporating freelancers into your team, here are some common inquiries  we’ve addressed to help you answer those burning questions.

Why Work With a Professional Freelancer?

You may want a professional freelancer when you need a specific role filled. For example, if you don’t need an in-house creative team, professional creative talent are able to record and produce a commercial for you. 

Even if your company created campaigns in the past, hiring someone who does this all the time and who has more up-to-date knowledge about what the final product should look like will ultimately save you time and money while delivering a quality product. 

When Should You Hire a Freelancer?

Some might see outsourcing jobs as risky, but using a professional creative services marketplace such as Voices means your team can rest assured you will find the right talent for your job. 

Freelancers are perfect for when you need flexibility within your company. You might need to grow your team and hire people doing the same work as your full-time employees, but only for a limited time. Or you might have a special project that you need someone with targeted skills to work on. Regardless, freelancers help to bridge any gaps on your team or in your team’s expertise.

Why Do Companies Prefer Freelancers?

You can find exactly who you need when you need them. You can find someone who has a niche ability or a common one that you need for a specific campaign. When they are finished with your projects, you both move on to other projects. You can hire them again if you find that you need their skillset in the future.

Before You Go

When you have to hire someone to do a job you yourself are unfamiliar with, it can be hard to know what to do. A freelancer can help you get through a new project or pick up the slack when you need extra help on your team and can often offer insights relevant to your project or campaign. 

When you find the right talent, you can save your business time and money and put out a product that’s been handled by an expert who’s available as you need them. Don’t hesitate to outsource your creative work to someone who already knows what you need.

With 42% of small businesses in the U.S. and 33% of Fortune 500 companies already turning to freelance marketplaces like Voices to complete their projects and advance their brands, the time to incorporate professional freelancers into your business model is now. What are you waiting for? 

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