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Creative Inspiration
How To Volunteer as a Reader For The Blind and...

Canadian vision health charity, CNIB offers a program that voice talent or people, in general, can apply for to become narrators for CNIB. Learn more!

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Creative Inspiration
How to Do the Theophilus Thistle Tongue Twister

Do your articulators need a workout? Are you fresh out of ideas for vocal warmups? Check out this cool tongue twister.

Creative Inspiration
Marc Cashman Shares 12 Top Voice Over Skills in 2023

Voice over instructor and performer Marc Cashman describes 12 voice over skill sets that will help you to refine your current skills and develop new ones in...

Voice Over
Spotlight on Katherine Kellgren, Audie Award-Winning...

A look at the classically trained, sophisticated and sonorous, narrates stories from the depths of her soul combining talent and skill with pure passion.

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