Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks
The Voice Over Words-to-Hours Converter

If all you are armed with is a word count, the script of number of lines, have no fear… Edge Studio’s voice over words-to-hours converter is here!

A set of building schematics with a protractor on top
Tips and Tricks
4 Essential Best-Practices for Building Killer Brands

David Brouitt, Creative Director at Ramp Communications, shares essential, often forgotten, branding practices. Are you doing all 4 of these?

Using Pandora Ads For Your Audio Advertising Strategy

Brands are extending their reach with digital audio advertising, particularly through Pandora ads. Read our in-depth guide to find out why.

6 Tips for Removing Breaths from Audio Recordings | Blog - Where clients and voice actors can find valuable information on pre-production, technology, animation, video and audio production, home recording studios, business growth, voice acting and auditions, celebrity voice actors, voiceover industry news and more!
6 Tips for Removing Breaths from Audio Recordings

Many of us have struggled with editing audio. Read tips from the industries top sound engineers on how to remove breaths from your recording.

Tips and Tricks
Tips For Doing a Voice Over Session via Skype

With tools such as Skype, you can receive artistic direction from a client who lives halfway around the world in real time!

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Tips and Tricks
Tax Credit and Funding Programs for Filmmakers...

Funding and staying on budget - may be the biggest hurdle your film project faces. Learn about funding and credits for Canadian productions.

Creative Trends: Two men and a woman sit at a boardroom table discussing trends
Tips and Tricks
6 Top Trend Reports for Creatives

Discover new effective and budget-friendly creative strategies with these 5 top trend reports for creative professionals.

voice over resolution
Tips and Tricks
Voice Over Resolutions: Goals for the Year and Beyond

As a voice over artist, setting a voice over resolution yourself for the year ahead is a great way to ensure that you achieve success.

A woman sitting at her work desk, smiling, because these productivity tips helped her use even more efficiently.
Tips and Tricks
6 Voices Platform Productivity Tips

6 Voices platform productivity tips to improve how you use Voices for hiring your voice actors.

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How Tos
Building Your Animation on a Budget

When using animation, you should think of building your animation on a budget in a way that will allow your message to shine through.

Updating outdated voice overs. A man jumps from an old computer into a new one.
Tips and Tricks
What to do When Elearning Video Voice Overs are...

Four scenarios you may find yourself in when updating outdated elearning voice overs and how you can seamlessly refresh your content.

Women in a white room being interviewed or casted for a project
Tips and Tricks
Voice Over Casting Strategies for Corporate Training

Learn the best elearning voice casting strategies to help you find the perfect voice to connect with your audience.

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