Voice Acting

Voice Acting
Narrating Fairy Tales A Good Niche For Voice Artists

Learn how starting out with short stories such as timeless fairy tales can help you cut your teeth on audiobook narration, recording and editing.

Voice Acting
Why Businesses Should Have A Pro Voice On Their...

Voice talent and speech coach Jill Tarnoff shares her experiences calling in to book appointments with a healthcare provider and setting the tone.

Voice Acting
How To Replace or Delete Demos on Voices

There are any number of reasons why you might choose to update a demo or to stop using it altogether. This tutorial will show you how!

Voice Acting
10 Voice Tips for Women to be Heard More

Communicating effectively can be a challenge for both men and women, however, women have a unique set of challenges to overcome.

Voice Acting
The Emotional Voice

Is it the sound of the voice that captures an audience or the motivation behind how the voice over artist paints their words and delivers the copy?

5 Tips For Decluttering Your Studio

Is your recording studio a little on the unmanageable side? Here are five tips for decluttering your studio.

Voice Acting
Trends in Children’s Voice Casting

Sometimes the voices you hear in commercials and animation aren’t the same age as they sound!

iAudition App Helps You Audition On The Go

Designed by voice over artists for voice over artists, iAudition enables you to cut audio files on the go to send to your agent, casting directors and more!

Voice Acting
Some Tips For Celebrity Voice Matching

We’ll take a look at some factors that play into voice matching and discover a couple of resources specific to the art of voice matching and imitation.

How to Beef Up Your Brand Through Storytelling

While voice actors are paid to talk, many have difficulty speaking to what they provide and attracting people to more than just keywords.

Voice Acting
The Voice of God

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at what the stereotypical sound is, why it became so popular and how the voice type, may have got its name.

Voice Acting
Interview with Morgan Freeman Sound A Like, Larry Davis

Larry Davis, a professional voice over artist, is a man of many talents, including being able to sound like Morgan Freeman.

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