Vocal Health

Vocal Health
How the Voice Is Affected During Pregnancy

How does pregnancy effect the voice and why? Hormonal changes impact many different factors in our voice, such as our tone and the volume at which we speak.

A man and a woman stand next to each other in a room with soundproofing. The man is holding a script and the woman is standing next to him, smiling. A microphone is in front of both of them.
For Voice Actors
Dialect Coach to the Stars Denise Woods on Creating...

Denise Woods, dialect coach to the stars, shares her experience keeping actors stay in character and tips for helping you sustain yours.

An MRI scan of a side view of a head and neck.
Vocal Health
How Are You Making that Sound? How to Increase Vocal Control

Increasing vocal control with visualization is a limited view. See how your voice literally changes with this video by Tyley Ross.

Young woman bothered by noise.
For Voice Actors
Misophonia: When Certain Sounds Are Intolerable

Irritated by the sound of chewing? Do mouth noises bother you more than most people? Misophonia will make you think differently about sound.

An opera singer singing with his hands up
Vocal Health
Where Does Your Voice Naturally Shine?

it is far more common for a voice actor or singer to capitalize on the lower range of his or her instrument than its higher range.

woman holding throat to protect voice
Vocal Health
3 Ways To Protect Your Voice

These 3 quick tips to keep your voice in its optimal state will help you in the short term and the long term.

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Vocal Health
Tommy Griffiths 5-Minute Vocal Workout for Actors

Thirty year industry veteran Tommy Griffiths, joins us to educate us on his three easy vocal workout exercises that will have you speaking more effectively in...

Vocal Health
Where Did Your Voice Come From?

Does your voice have its own unique sound that can be traced back to your environment, physiology, or substances we are surrounded by.

A cow with a bell and horns
Vocal Health
Dairy Products and the Voice Artist: Friend or Foe?

Are you avoiding dairy products right now to keep your pipes operating at peak performance? Is dairy a friend or foe to the voice over artist?

Vocal Health
Bogart-Bacall Syndrome: A Performer’s Reward For...

You might adopt that Hollywood sound Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall were famous for, but you may get more than just the sound, you might get the syndrome!

Man with finger over mouth to signal be quiet
Vocal Health
The Dangers of Whispering For Your Voice

Whispering may seem like a good way to conserve your voice. But in reality, it can be very taxing!

Vocal Health
Why Rest Is Sometimes The Best Medicine

Ever find that your voice just isn’t up for the challenge? Are you exhausted vocally or unable to speak without pain?

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