If you’re holding an event, or are catering to those planning one, these samples provide clear direction and guidance you’ll find handy for producing your commercial.

Cat Show

Item Description
Gender Female
Length :30
Target Demographic Women, young girls, mothers with children
Character / Narrator Announcer
Vocal Direction Cute, youthful, inspired, soft sell, upper class
Suggested Music Swing music
Suggested Sound Effects Cats meowing, purring, pitter patter of paws across the floor

It’s finally here! The Cat’s Meow Tour has purred it’s way up to Marsha’s Cove. We’ve got Abyssinians, British Shorthairs, Burmese, Chantilly kittens, Cornish Rexes, some splendid Egyptian Maus, Japanese Bobtails, Maine Coon Cats and many more! Did I mention our Russian Blues, Persians, Ragdolls and Pixie-Bobs? You won’t want to miss this fine array of felines. Here’s your personal invitation to join us at Bloomers Fairgrounds for an all-day event, from eight to six on Saturday November 12th. The Cat’s Meow Tour, at Bloomers Fairgrounds, for one day only. Meoooowwww!

La Fiesta del Sol

Item Description
Gender Male or Female
Length :30
Target Demographic Families with young children, grandparents, singles
Character / Narrator Announcer
Vocal Direction Spicy, feisty, passionate, family fun sound
Suggested Music Latin American music (think trumpets, claves, drums, etc.), African music (very percussive, drums with several different pitches, flutes, etc.)
Suggested Sound Effects A dog barking, walla (people talking in the background), the sound of food cooking on a grill, whistles

The rhythmic beating of the drums, the cheerful tinkling of rain sticks, and the mouthwatering aroma of chimichangas… yes, its Fiesta time again in Lincoln Park! Bring the kids, your in-laws, your neighbor, and even their dog to join in the fun at this flavorful and exotic celebration of Central, South American, and African culture. Taste food from kitchens around the world in your own backyard and dance to sultry sambas with per- formers in traditional dress. It doesn’t get any better than this! Join the Fiesta this long weekend at Lincoln Park. Hope to see you there!

Event Planning

Item Description
Gender Female
Length :30
Target Demographic Brides getting married within the coming year
Character / Narrator Wedding planner, consultant
Vocal Direction Sister to sister conversation, intimate, almost giddy
Suggested Music Recognizable wedding music piece
Suggested Sound Effects Bells, squeaky kiss, champagne cork popping

Getting married this year? Organizing a corporate function that needs all the trimmings? Sophie’s Elegant Events is your premiere event coordinating and concierge firm. We coordinate and cater events of all sizes, specializing in theme weddings and receptions. Don’t wait until the Spring to give us a call. We want to make sure that your wedding goes off without a hitch, and that means planning ahead NOW! Call us at 555-1290 to make your dreams come true.

Firemen’s Christmas Gala

Item Description
Gender Male
Length :30
Target Demographic Married couples that need a night on the town
Character / Narrator Salesman, announcer
Vocal Direction Full of hype, enthusiastic, slightly faster read
Suggested Music Upbeat, percussive, jazzy / bebop / swing
Suggested Sound Effects Fire truck siren, horn honking

All dressed up with nowhere to go? Think again! The Firemen’s Annual Christmas Gala is just around the corner. Early bird tickets are selling fast for this Black Tie event so make sure that you take down this phone number in order to secure your table! Ready? Dial 555-7812 to reserve your table now. Visa and Mastercard accepted. A limited number of tickets will be available at the door, so order in advance to secure your table and save!


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