Special event planning can be stressful. There’s so much to think about, and not the least of which, is whether people will attend. However, having a great commercial or advertisement with a stellar voice over can help you boost ticket sales and attendance.

If you’re an event planner or promoter, you can use these voice over scripts to help inspire your special event advertisement script.

If you’re a voice over actor, you can try your hand at reading these sample voice over scripts (of various lengths) to get you prepped for your next event voice over project.

Note: The parameters of these scripts are reflective of the criteria that are included in job postings found on Voices.com. This means that whether you’re creating a voice over job posting or looking for that next great voice over job, you’ll be familiar with how voice over job description looks.

15 Second Sample Voice Over Script for Special Events: Exotic Pet Parade

Client City of Market Circle – Pet Parade
Voice Age Young Adult
Gender Male or Female
Job Description The City of Market Circle is holding their annual pet parade. The target demographic is parents and children, and anyone interested in exotic pets. The main goal is to attract tourists to the event as well as city residents.
Artistic Direction The audience should feel excited and interested in the potential of seeing rare creatures. The voice over should be read in an announcer voice while remaining upbeat and friendly.
Voice Reference: Ellen Degeneres  
Category Radio
Industry Events
Style Cute, Excited
Word Count 62 words

Voice Over Practice Script

It’s that time of the year you’ve all been waiting for! The Exotic Pet Parade is here. This Saturday, bring your lizards, iguanas and rare birds to strut their stuff at the fifth annual Market Circle Exotic Pet Parade… or just come and watch all the action! All sizes and kinds of pets are welcome, just be sure to register online at Pet Parade dot com first!

30 Second Sample Voice Over Script for Special Events: Big Hat Circus

Client Big Hat Circus
Voice Age Young Adult/Middle Age
Gender Male or Female
Job Description The Big Hat Circus group is making its annual tour across the nation and this promo is targeting all age groups (children, parents, young adults, seniors) to entice them to come out to the circus.
Artistic Direction The listeners should feel thrilled, excited and energized by this voice over. It should be upbeat, energetic and a bit quirky. Almost as if someone involved in the circus is personally inviting you to their show.
Voice Reference: Tim Curry, Kristin Chenoweth  
Category Radio
Industry Events
Style Excited, Quirky
Word Count 89 words

Voice Over Practice Script

Come one, come all! Step up to the Big Hat Circus and be captured by the sounds of lions roaring, the smell of freshly popped popcorn and the most magnificent sights you have ever seen! That’s right, it’s Big Hat Circus time again in Mystique Park. Grab your friends and family and be prepared to be amazed. This year there is a special guest that has never before been in the Big Hat ring and you don’t want to miss it. We hope to see you soon!

60 Second Sample Voice Over Script for Special Events: Upside Down Flowers

Client Upside Down Flowers
Voice Age Middle Age
Gender Female
Job Description Upside Down Flowers is a flower shop that started in New Jersey and has now opened several locations across North America. Upside Down Flowers has recently added a premiere delivery service and want to make current and new customers aware of this service.
Artistic Direction The listeners should engaged and curious enough about the new service to call and find out more information. A soft sell read in an engaging and enticing way.
Voice Reference: Tina Fey
Category Radio
Industry Retail/Special Events
Style Authentic, Comforting
Word Count 89 words

Voice Over Practice Script

Getting married this year? Want to send that special someone a special surprise? Whatever the event, Upside Down Flowers will ensure that any day is made special with the best hand-cut flowers in town. We offer a premiere delivery service directly to your venue and will take care of all the setup… We want to make sure that your event is beautiful and stress free. Call us today at 555 123 6899 and grab some great flowers to turn any event into a happy one. Turn any frown upside down with Upside Down Flowers!

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