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For Voice Actors Looking for Voice Over Practice Scripts

These scripts in particular will allow you to try your hand in voicing multiple characters within the same ad spot. If you’ve been looking to test your animation and character development skills, this will be a fun place to start. With a holiday spin, the following scripts have elements of sarcasm, love, matter-of-factness, compassion, cheekiness, and more.

For Clients Looking for Voice Over Script Examples for the Holiday Season

Coming up with commercial concepts for holidays can be a challenge. The following examples are intended to help get your creative juices flowing in terms of potential dialogue within your holiday script. These are written ‘from the bottom up.’ We knew where we wanted the messaging to end up, and built the dialogue in reverse of the end result. If you’re having difficulty coming up with a storyline for your holiday ads, give this method a go!

20-Second Holiday Season Voice Over Script Example: Celestial Watches

Client: Celestial Watches
Voice Age: Middle Aged
Gender: Male/Female
Job Description: We surveyed people from coast to coast on what mattered most during the holiday season. The result is a feel good message that showcases audience generated content, alongside a holiday message from Celestial Watches. The full commercial will be closer to a minute long, but the voice over required is for 20 seconds of it.
Artistic Direction: A warm, friendly, authentic, read is preferred. Think of that friend you haven’t seen in a long time, that you finally go for coffee with during the holiday season, even though you’re both so busy. That feeling of making time for special people in your life can be reflected in your voice. **Note, the text in italics is not to be read by the voice actor, it denotes the video clips being inserted from our interviews.
Category: Television and Radio
Style: Warm, friendly, authentic
Language English
Accent US (North American)
Word Count: 52 words spoken


We asked kids, teens, parents, and grandparents from all over America to tell us what comes to mind when they think of this time of year.

A video/recording of faces/voices from survey participants plays:

Watching old family videos (senior)

Telling stories around the dinner table (adult)

Playing in the snow (child)

Decorating the tree (teen)

Family portraits (young adult)

No one being lonely (child)

Spending time with those we love most (senior)

Time. It’s what matters most this holiday season.

Wishing you a happy holiday filled with time well spent.

From your friends at Celestial Watches, make every moment count.


45-Second Holiday Season Voice Over Script Example: Skillz4Lyfe Kits for Kids

Client: Skillz4Lyfe Kits for Kids
Voice Age: Middle Aged
Gender: Male/Female
Job Description: This job requires a single narrator to provide voice over for a holiday TV campaign targeting parents of young kids to make them aware of a new product and potential gift for the holiday season.
Artistic Direction: We are looking for a single voice actor to provide the narration for this funny and cheeky ad that falls a tad on the bold side. The best candidate for this voice over job is someone who’s able to sound smart, funny, uncool, but also endearing all at the same time. A serious tone is preferred. Even though it’s a funny concept, we’d prefer the humor to be delivered with a drier read.

Note: Try to make the ‘z’ in Skillz4Lyfe sound prominent and uncool in a funny way.  

Category: Television
Style: Cheeky, calm, casual, dry, sarcastic
Language English
Accent US (North American)
Word Count: 110 words spoken

Set scene: a couple sets of parents sharing empathetic looks as their kids run and scream through the toy aisles of blinking lights, moving parts, sound effects, and “batteries not included” signs everywhere.

This holiday season, remember that they love this time of year because you love it too. And you love it because you get to make them happy. This year, make them happy and more useful.

These aren’t your ‘run of the mill’ craft kits, with googly eyes and sparkles. These kits make learning to sew a button, fixing a toilet flusher, and making macaroni salad into activities they’ll actually want to do.

Life skills are cooler than the newest video game. Make learning fun. Make kids useful. Give them the gift that gives back. Give them a Skillz4Lyfe (skillZ-for-life) kit.

1-Minute Animated Holiday Season Voice Over Script Example: Winter’s Approach Bird Seed

Client: Winter’s Approach Bird Seed
Voice Age: Multi-character script – middle age and child
Gender: Male/Female
Job Description: This job is for an animated cartoon TV commercial, which is slated to air around the Thanksgiving holiday season. The commercial features a family of Blue Jays sharing a Thanksgiving feast when one of the baby-birds learns about the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

The ideal candidate for this job will provide us with two or three interpretations of each character within the script.

Artistic Direction: We are looking for a single voice actor to provide the voice of the mother bird, father bird, two sibling birds, and a narrator. Differentiate the voices in whatever way you see fit while still adhering to the tone specified in the [square brackets] above each dialogue line.

There are a few words in italics to recommend emphasis on those words. Please provide at least one read with those words emphasized.

Category: Television
Style: Papa Bird: Playful and chipper

Momma Bird: Calm and wise

Older Sibling Bird: Impatient and ungrateful at first, then sincere and understanding

Younger Sibling Bird: Childlike and excited

Language English
Accent US (North American)
Word Count: 120 words spoken

Set scene: A family of birds celebrate Thanksgiving in their little home inside the hole of a tree growing in the backyard of a human family’s home.  

Papa Bird

[Sounding full and satisfied]

That was a beautiful dried berry and seed feast, Momma bird.

[Excited and playful, but with a gravelly deep ‘father’ tone]

Just one sunflower seed left – who wants it?!


Younger Sibling Bird

[Silly and child-like]

I want it! I do!


Older Sibling Bird

[Full of attitude, grabby, and snarky]

No I want it! I hatched before you, so I get to have the last seed.

*Trying to pry the seed from Younger Sibling’s grip*

Give. It. To. Me!


Momma Bird

[Calmly and Lovingly]

Kids – we need to love each other and share our goodies everyday, but especially today. It’s Thanksgiving – the day of giving, caring, and sharing.


Older Sibling Bird

[brooding with attitude]

I don’t care and I don’t want to share! Hmph!


Older Sibling bird lets go of the seed, and stomps away and peers out the family’s tree hole to witness a human family in a house laughing and smiling, and two siblings sharing the last piece of pie.

Older Sibling Bird realizes he/she loves their little bird family as much as the people in the house love each other.


Older Sibling Bird

[Softens his/her voice with a contemplative and understanding tone]

If they can love and share with each other, we can too. Everyday, but especially today. It’s Thanksgiving.



[Matter-of-fact but kind, and plays on the rhyme in the tagline]

Winter’s Approach Bird Seed – made with care, the birds will share, in preparation for winter’s approach.

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