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Who is the Voice of Joe Biden 2020 Ads?

This is our fifth post in the ‘Voice Of’ Series, and the second profiling a voice over talent on the Voices platform.

Last week, we profiled Bryan Kopta, who’s the voice of the ‘Netflix Film Club’.

Here, we quickly sat down with Elizabeth Saydah, a talented voice actress based out of Los Angeles.

Saydah was the voice you heard behind the Joe Biden 2020 campaign ads.

Since building her own voiceover company, Elizabeth Saydah Voiceover, Elizabeth has amassed thousands of credits. She can be heard in commercials for brands such as Disney+, Aetna, Hyundai, and Google, as well as corporate content for mega-companies PayPal, Facebook, AAA, Anthem, and Mercedes-Benz to name a few. She partnered with wellness company, Ultrahuman, and is now regularly heard on the app voicing sleep stories and current health topics, and is the resident imaging/promo voice for Sirius XM’s Lithium Channel (34). 

On-camera, Saydah has appeared in over 65 features, shorts and web series, most recently in the Lifetime thriller, The Au Pair Nightmare. She can be seen delivering big laughs throughout Los Angeles performing improv every month with her troupe, Mostly Organic, and also creates her own comedic content for her YouTube channel.

Here’s our quick Q&A with Elizabeth:

1. What are the brands your voice is behind?

I’ve been so fortunate to lend my voice to some awesome brands and campaigns. 

Some of my more recent projects have been for Disney+, Aetna, Google, Microsoft Optiv, Forward, and Joe Biden (he’s a brand, right?).

2. What brand/campaign would you love to be the voice of someday?

I feel like this answer is going to sound super obnoxious, but I’m less about the brand, and more about the creative. I love a brand that takes creative risks and thinks outside the box, that isn’t afraid of humor or some edge. As a voice actor, that’s basically a guarantee that they want personality and character to go along with it. So whoever is doing that stuff.

But seriously, I love me some Bed Bath & Beyond; their 20% off coupons secured a customer for life. Now I just need to voice their ads. Call me!

3. Are there certain brand spokespeople/voices that you emulate or use for inspiration?

Some of my favorite spokespeople/voices of all time are:

 Allison Janney (Kaiser Permanente), Denis Leary (Ford), Dean Winters (Allstate “Mayhem” guy), are all either quintessentially themselves or fun characters (or a combo of both).

4. What have been some of your favorite brand voice campaigns?

I really enjoyed Disney+ – that was a fun, hyper-energized character, which I don’t generally get to do, also Google Fiber, where I played a senior lady breaking up with her cable. Then doing a spot for Biden’s presidential campaign was just great since I was so emotionally invested (for better or worse) in the 2020 election.

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