Johnna Gottlieb is no stranger to the classroom, and this new step to promote voice over excellence and inspire her students through the Internet is no exception.

Gottlieb’s new online course is scheduled to take place this spring through UCLA, entitled, “How to Become a Successful Voiceover Artist”.   Starting April 9th, 2009, students can join one of America’s most innovative voice acting consultants, studying from the privacy and convenience of their own homes using the Internet. The course covers voice over technique and essential knowledge that makes a world of difference in the career of a voice over talent from the unique perspective of a former voice over agent.

Topics include:

  • Developing a marketing strategy
  • The different categories of voice overs and their rates of pay
  • Standards for a competitive voice over reel
  • Signing with the right agency
  • Understanding contracts

Instruction also covers the future of Internet voice casting, unions that govern voice over work and how to become a member, union vs. non-union work, the use of celebrities and the impact they have on the industry, and the basics of creating a home recording studio.

Guests include top voice over talent, agents, casting directors, and producers. Enrollment is limited but from recent reports, there are still some spots remaining.  Classes run from April 9th through May 12th, 2009, six meetings in total.

Source: Johnna Gottlieb



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