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Launched: New ‘Featured Jobs’ Will Get You More Auditions, Faster

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Raise your hand if you sometimes find yourself tight on time to find and hire a voice over for your project. We’ve got you. When time isn’t on your side, choosing our ‘Featured’ job posting option may be the solution for you.

On Nov 19, 2019, we’ve introduced the ability for clients to sponsor or ‘feature’ a job. Similar to online recruiting sites, when you choose the ‘Featured’ job option, Voices.com will put your job at the top of the Hiring list for voice talent so you can ensure that they see it first, and get you auditions before the rest. Your job will have a purple ’Featured’ label so that it stands out and gets the attention you need to get the hiring done quickly.

Featured job at top of Hiring list

When to Feature a Job

When you need to expedite auditions and hire for a job quickly, featuring a job is a great option. From our research, we have found that by featuring a job, you can get auditions 30% faster, and because your job is featured at the top of the Hiring list, you will often get more auditions to choose from

How to Feature a Job

After you’ve filled out the form and saved as ‘Draft’ and ‘In Review,’ you have the option to upgrade to a ‘Featured’ job to get more auditions faster.

To do this you simply:

  1. Navigate to the ‘All’, ‘Draft’ or ‘In Review’ Jobs list tab, expand the card and select ‘Feature This Job.’ 
Select Feature This Job
  1. Now, you will be taken to the Payment page where you’ll have the option to purchase the ability to Feature your job, for $9.95 USD with credit card or Paypal. (You can find your receipt in your ‘Billing History’ under ‘Settings’).
  2. You will receive an on-screen notification that your job is now listed as Featured as well as an icon within your ‘Job Posting Details’.

All done! Congrats!

Your job is now ‘featured,’ promoted to the top of hiring jobs for talent, and you’re one step closer to completing your job on-time with the perfect voice.

Wait…What’s In It For Voice Talent?

We know that voice actors only have so many hours in the day to spend on auditions. 

Now, when you see jobs flagged as Featured jobs, conveniently located at the top of your Hiring list, you can have confidence that the client is ready to hire quickly from Voices.com. This can help you prioritize which jobs you should audition for right away. 

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