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Maximize Your Workflows and Opportunities with Refreshed Profile and My Home Experience

Anne Joldersma | May 20, 2021

We’re very excited with today’s release to continue the journey we began in January of this year, when we launched our new talent profiles and announced our direction towards becoming a creative services marketplace

More recently, we spent some time talking about the importance of maximizing your profile with demos and portfolio samples, and went in-depth into what makes a strong creative portfolio.

In this article

  1. Talent My Home
  2. Profile Checklist
  3. Grow Your Career
  4. Talent Profile Refresh

Today we’re pleased to share with you a totally refreshed Talent My Home and Profile experience.

Talent My Home

The new Talent My Home is your home base. As soon as you log in, you’ll be able to see at a glance how many Hiring jobs you have for each of the services/skills you offer, broken down by public invites (jobs you’ve been matched with) and private invites (jobs clients have personally invited you to respond to). 

You’ll also be able to see how many jobs you’ve been shortlisted for in each of your services/skills and how many are new since you last logged in. This dashboard will give you a great spot to see exactly what’s happening across all of your services up to the minute and what to prioritize responding to first.

Talent My Home

Profile Checklist

In My Profile Checklist, you’re able to see whether you’re missing any important pieces of information connected to any of your listed skills—whether it’s more key pieces of information for your profile or a recommendation to add more portfolio samples, you’ll know at a glance what needs to be done. Not sure what makes a great profile or a great portfolio? We’ve linked out helpful articles right from My Home with tips to guide you through the process.

Grow Your Career

In this section, you’ll find key resources to help you grow your career and build upon each success. Whether it’s the Voices Blog, Webinars, or the Voices Resource Library, this section will provide answers to your questions and steps you can take to get ahead.

We hope you’ll find the new Talent My Home a great central location for keeping track of everything you need to build your business.

Talent Profile Refresh

We’ve been working on perfecting the talent profile experience since our new talent profiles release at the end of January. With your feedback, and our own research, we’ve arrived at what we think is the best way to showcase everything you have to offer in one place.

The way you input your information won’t be changing, but the way that information is displayed has changed for the better. Instead of separate pages for each of your skills, your new and improved talent profile page is essentially like a website—it houses all of the services and skills you offer and when clients come to your page, they can select any of your skills from a dropdown menu. Once a skill is selected, its demos or portfolio samples will automatically populate on the left-hand side and any other relevant information to that skill will appear below.

If you’ve worked with a client before, the client will be able to see that right away on the right-hand side of the page and your reviews and testimonials will be easily viewable as well.

Talent Profile

We’re excited about this refreshed talent profile experience and we hope you love it too.

Thanks for reading! To keep up to date on what we’ve released and what’s next, visit the Product News section of our blog, subscribe to our marketing communications, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn

As always, if you’ve got ideas for features you’d like to see on our platform, feel free to email us at [email protected]. Thanks for continuing to be a part of the Voices community.

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