Show Off Your Skills with New Talent Profiles

The release of the new talent profile experience marks the first step in our progress toward becoming an Audio Services Marketplace for creative talent and clients to work together on Voice Over, Audio Production, Music, and Translation Projects. For more information about what that means for talent, and how we plan to accomplish that goal, check out the latest CEO Series blog post.

In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at what today’s release means for you and your profile. We’ve put together a detailed overview of the changes and how you can take advantage of them in this video:

For a high-level overview, read on!

Changes to Existing Voice Over Profiles

When it comes to your existing profile and Voice Over service, we’ve made two notable changes to:

  1. the Personal Info and Profile Completeness components of your profile, and;
  2. the Client List, Work Experience, and Education sections of your Voice Over service.

Let’s take a closer look at them now. 

Personal Info and Profile Completeness

After clicking the ‘Edit Profile’ button from the ‘Me’ dropdown, you’ll see some changes:

  1. the ‘Demo’ and ‘Statistics’ tabs have moved, now found by clicking the ‘Voice Over’ button underneath the ‘My Services’ section of the left navigation bar, and;
  1. the ‘Profile Completeness Score’ now only reflects changes to the ‘Personal Info’ and ‘Voice Over’ portions of your profile. In other words, adding new services to your profile will not impact your Profile Completeness Score.

We’ve also made a slight tweak to the way profile completeness is calculated, which you can learn more about by reading this FAQ article

Client List, Work Experience, and Education

In an effort to make the useful information you put into the Client List, Work Experience, and Education sections of your Voice Over service that much more powerful, we’ve switched from an open-text field approach (i.e. a blank space for you to write) to a more structured one. This will allow systems like VoiceMatchTM and Search to scan and understand your profile better, enabling us, and clients to better find, match, and invite you to jobs in the future. This approach is common on other sites that offer professional profiles, like LinkedIn.

When you head to the Voice Over service component of your profile for the first time by clicking on ‘Voice Over’ from the ‘My Services’ section of the left navigation bar, you’ll see that for the most part, these fields look the same as they did before, albeit in a slightly different order and structure:

Noticeably, the Client List, Work Experience, and Education fields will appear empty and instead display a yellow banner. Fear not, your information isn’t lost, we’ve just temporarily hidden it from our public profile and stored it for you to update your profile accordingly.

Using the information we’ve copied from your profile prior to these changes, follow the various onscreen prompts to add Client List, Work Experience, and Education information back to your profile. If you choose to leave these fields empty, these sections will be hidden from your profile, as opposed to appearing empty to viewers. You can remove the banner by clicking the ‘X’ button within it. Just keep in mind that once you remove the banner, the information we’ve stored in there for you will be gone permanently, so make sure you’ve added back everything you want to keep on your profile before clicking ‘X’.

Once you’ve put all of the information back into your Voice Over service, click ‘Save Edits’ at the bottom of the page then click ‘View Profile’ from the top of the page to see these sections added back to your Voice Over service in their new format.

Adding New Services and Skills

Moving forward, you will be able to tell clients what audio services you offer in addition to voice over. As mentioned earlier, we’ve added Audio Production, Music, and Translation to profiles, with the goal of having the ability for you to respond to, get hired for, and work jobs in these services by the late-summer, early-fall of this year. In the meantime, you can add these services to your profile to inform current and future clients what you’re capable of. While you won’t be able to work jobs specific to these services just yet, you can offer them through voice over jobs via tools like your Proposal and Additional Payments. We’ve already seen clients request some of these services via our own Managed Services Team, and through jobs they post themselves, so we’re excited to make them a more structured part of your profile and Voices experience. 

With the introduction of these services, you’ll notice a couple of immediate and important changes to the way you update your profile:

Adding New Services

To add a new Service to your profile, click the ‘+Add’ button from the ‘My Services’ section of the left navigation bar. From here, select from one of the three new services: Audio Production, Music, and Translation.

Adding Skills and Portfolio Samples

Each of these new Services come with a variety of new Skills that add more detail about what you’re capable of offering to clients. Each set of Skills are specific to their respective Service. Scroll through the list of available Skills and select the one you’d like to tell clients (and in the future VoiceMatchTM) what you can offer. 

One thing to note: when you are selecting a Translation Skill, you’ll be asked to select a source language and a target language. In other words, the language you’ll be translating from is the source language, and the language you’ll be translating to is the target language.

Once you’ve made your selection, you’ll be taken to a new page, asking you to provide some additional information about the selected skill, and then, upload a Portfolio Sample (the equivalent of a Demo for your Voice Over service).

Uploading a Portfolio Sample is very similar to the process of adding a Demo to your Voice Over Service. You’ll be asked to add some information about the sample you’re uploading, which Skill(s) you’d like to assign it to, and then ultimately, upload the file. 

After adding your sample, you’ll return to the Portfolio page where you can add additional Portfolio Samples. 

While editing your profile, and after having saved your changes, you can click the ‘View Profile’ button from the top of the page to see what your profile looks like to clients and other talent. By scrolling down to the ‘About Section’ you can see what other skills and services you’ve added to your profile. Clicking on them will take you to that specific service and skill page for more details. 

It’s important to know that for the time being, adding these new Services and Skills will not impact your VoiceMatchTM score. Only changes to your Voice Over Service will. When we enable clients to post jobs for these new Services in the new year, we will update VoiceMatchTM at the same time to ensure you are still being matched to the right jobs based on your unique set of Services and Skills.

Phewf! That’s a lot, isn’t it? As mentioned earlier, if you need some additional help while updating your profile, we’d encourage you to watch this video.

Want to Learn More?

We hope you are as excited about these changes, as well as our recent announcement, as we are! As always, if you have questions you can review our FAQ articles on Profile Completeness and Talent Profiles. Or, you can contact a member of our Customer Support Team any time via our support page.

Don’t forget, if you’ve got any feedback regarding this or any other feature on Voices, please send it to [email protected].

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