What are the criteria for profile completeness?

Why a Complete Profile is Important

Having a complete profile is paramount in attracting clients who use Voices to find talent. Additionally, having a complete profile ensures that you'll be found in the Voices search engine (a popular option used by many clients when searching for talent) and matched to jobs via JobMatch™ (formerly VoiceMatch). 

Working on Your Profile Completeness - How We Help

Your My Home dashboard is a great tool to use to quickly identify which areas of your profile are missing information. Taking a look at your Profile Checklist, you'll see all of your Services/Skills listed and where it's recommended that you add information or demos/portfolio samples. 

Clicking on 'View' or 'Add' next to any of these recommendations will immediately take you to the relevant section in 'Edit Profile' to allow you to make the necessary additions. Once there, you'll see a Complete Your Skill box, which lists the sections you need to complete in order to maximize your profile. You might also see a yellow banner titled Inactive Skill. The Inactive Skill banner appears if you are missing a demo or portfolio sample for that particular skill. Demos and portfolio samples are key pieces of information needed to showcase your expertise to clients and make it possible for you to appear to clients when they are searching for talent. 

If you follow these recommendations, you will have a complete profile and be set up to maximize your success on the Voices platform.


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