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How to Find Your Singing Voice

Voice actors have the unique ability to not only lend their voices but also their singing talents to commercials, ad jingles, or animated musician numbers.

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This adds an extra layer of creativity and engagement to what we watch every day. 

Music is often foundational for many advertisements, and is a powerful tool that can seep into our subconscious. How many times have you forgotten what an ad was about, but remembered the jingle or song from it? How many times have you remembered an ad solely because of the jingle?

Voice actors creating vocal melodies are not limited to radio ads but spread across various platforms including video games, audiobooks, apps, and eLearning. The singing abilities add a unique flavor to the characters or messages they represent and amplify emotions conveyed through the script.

Voice over artists can elevate their performance delivery making an indelible mark on listeners’ minds with singing skills. Consequently, it no longer comes as a surprise that audio performers who can sing find themselves in high demand.

In this article, we’ll explore how to find and effectively utilize your own singing voice as a voice actor. 

Successful Commercials Feature Singing

Renowned brands across the globe have proven time and again the effectiveness of incorporating singing voice actors in their commercial campaigns. 

For instance, musical commercials like Coca-Cola’s “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” or McDonald’s catchy jingle, “I’m Lovin’ It”, where both relied heavily on lyrical voice actors.

Why Singing is an Important Skill for Voice Actors

Singing is a vital skill for voice actors, offering versatility in roles and the ability to create unforgettable performances. 

Many voice actors with minimal singing experience struggle with producing a more dynamic vocal range. A number of common mistakes;especially with pitch, are more likely to occur when there’s little formal background in singing.  

Expanded Opportunities in Commercial Voice Acting

As a voice actor, diving into singing translates into enhanced versatility, heightening your commercial appeal. It’s all about adaptability and range. The world of commercials is as varied as it is fast-paced, needing an array of tones to resonate with consumers’ emotions.

More often than not, a pre-existing career as a singer-songwriter is a great entryway or pivot into the world of commercial voice acting—particularly when it comes to ad jingles. Not only can having a background in singing and playing instruments help pivot into voice acting in terms of experience, but it also lends to a larger vocal skill-set. 

Ad jingles are one realm of the commercial industry where you can put both your creative talents and your vocal talents to bat. While it isn’t easy to break into the industry for a novice, it is more accessible than it ever has been before thanks to freelance sites and resources like Voices. Generally, all you need to start is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) like Ableton, Logic, or Garageband.  

Voice actors often bring characters to life through their voices—with training for singing; this process becomes more dynamic and immersive—propelling you at the center stage in the expanding industry of voiceover artistry.

How to Find Your Singing Voice

To find your singing voice as a voice actor, it’s crucial to recognize the value of vocal training and practice. Working with a professional vocal coach can help you develop your singing skills and unlock your true potential as an artist. 

Trying to hit a falsetto? If you want to discover your unique vocal style and explore your natural abilities, read more about finding your singing voice in our blog post.

Vocal Training and Practice

Developing your singing voice is a crucial aspect of becoming a successful voice actor. It’s not just about having a great speaking voice, but also being able to sing in commercials and jingles.

Vocal training and practice are essential for honing your vocal skills and expanding your opportunities in the industry.

Just like any other skill, singing requires dedication and consistent practice. By recognizing the value of vocal training, you can begin your journey toward finding your unique singing voice as a voice actor.

Remember that proper breathing technique is fundamental for finding your singing voice. 

Visualize how sound resonates in different parts of your body while singing to enhance vocal control.

Vocal Coaching

Working with a vocal coach can greatly benefit your career by honing your vocal abilities and helping you find your singing voice.

Through vocal training, you’ll learn various techniques to improve your singing, such as breath control, pitch accuracy, and tone quality. A vocal coach will guide you through exercises tailored to your specific needs and provide valuable feedback to help you grow as a vocalist.

By investing in professional coaching, you’ll gain the necessary skills to deliver impressive performances that leave a lasting impact on listeners. 

Finding Singing Roles as a Voice Actor

Voice actors may wonder how often they will have opportunities to showcase their singing skills;it’s important to understand there’s a large number of variables that impact how many opportunities you might get as a voice actor interested strictly in singing. 

Demand for Singing in Voice Acting Roles

The demand for singing in voice acting roles varies depending on the specific job and industry.

While singing is not a requirement for most voice acting gigs, there are opportunities where having a strong singing voice can set you apart from the competition.

How Many Performances Require Singing?

As a voice actor looking to showcase your singing skills, you might be wondering how often you’ll have the opportunity to perform. While it varies depending on the demands of the industry and individual projects, voice actors typically have several opportunities each year to lend their vocal talents to singing performances.

The frequency of these opportunities is often influenced by factors such as the genre of work you pursue and your ability to master both speaking and singing roles.

In online ads, radio or video games, for example, where singing can sometimes be an integral part of the performance, voice actors may find themselves performing multiple times throughout the year. This allows them to not only showcase their acting abilities but also demonstrate their vocal range and prowess.

With more commercial-focused voice over work, singing performances may be less frequent but still significant enough that having well-developed singing skills can set you apart from other actors—and function as an “in” toward a career in voice over


Finding your singing voice as a voice actor is essential for expanding your opportunities and creating memorable performances. By recognizing the value of vocal training and working with a coach, you can unlock your true potential and develop your unique vocal style.

Remember to stay consistent with practice, explore different techniques, and embrace your natural abilities to discover the melody of your voice. With dedication and perseverance, you’ll be able to confidently add your singing skills in commercial voice acting roles.

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