Product Update: Terms of Service Announcements

Terms of Service Update

At Voices, using our website and services means agreeing with our Terms of Service. As different aspects of our business processes, offerings and systems change, from time to time a revision to our Terms of Service is required to consider those changes. 

Today, we have posted an updated version of our Terms and wanted to summarize some of the key reasons that led to that update here.  As always, we encourage you to read the full version of the Terms of Service for a complete understanding.

What’s New?

Some of the items that led to this update include:

  • Users: Voices is pleased to have talent agencies as customers, and the profiles of the talent they represent on our site.  The Terms of Service needed to also consider this new group of Talent Agency customers as “Users” of our service.
  • Job Types: Relatedly, we now also offer union job postings in addition to non-union job postings.  The terms also needed to include this consideration.

What’s Being Clarified?

We always want to be sure that Users have clarity throughout the process. For this reason, we have updated language around:

  • Job Posting Details: We’re establishing the Job Posting as the main location where key information about the job is contained, so all Users are referencing the same detail.  
  • Ownership: We’re clarifying ownership of files in different circumstances. For example, considering situations where licensing or specific Usage terms are outlined.
  • Community and Content Guidelines: Our ongoing commitment to protect our User community and uphold our Community Guidelines and Content Guidelines. In the Terms of Service, this includes additional detail around situations where we may have to remove a user, or remove (or not post) a job posting.

To have a full understanding of the updated Terms of Service, be sure to read the entire document.  As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to us at

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