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Voice Actors’ Tech Wish Lists for 2019

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Wondering what to buy for that special voice over actor in your life? Or maybe you’re looking to gift yourself a home studio upgrade that will make your voice over recordings more efficient (and maybe even more fun!).

We surveyed over 50 voice actors to compile a list of the most sought-after home recording studio upgrades.

The Microphone that Voice Actors Want in 2019

Neumann is on the tip of everyone’s tongue as 42% of respondents reported wanting a Neumann mic in 2019. The Neumann TLM 103 is the most popular with more than half of that 42% requesting it specifically.

The Neumann TLM 103 – a classic – is the large diaphragm condenser mic praised for being able to handle a wide range of voices. Reported as recording vocals in a ‘bright’ and ‘forward’ way, the reviews say it provides great value for your money, especially for a home recording studio mic.

The Software that Voice Actors Want to Use in 2019

Adobe Audition is going to keep its popularity in 2019, as it’s still the most sought-after software.

38% of voice actor respondents have their sights set on this DAW (digital audio workstation).

Though, it looks like the software’s subscription model is presenting a challenge to voice actors who are working within tight budgets. But that’s why it’s on their wish lists, right?

If a subscription to Adobe Audition is on your wish list, and your wish comes true, check out these home studio productivity tips. You can take advantage of all of these while using Adobe Audition.  

Beyond the DAW software, some respondents mention Izotope’s RX software. They offer denoise plugins that make post production a breeze. You can read more about Izotope in the home studio productivity article linked to above.

Home Studio Voice Over Tech Upgrades that Voice Actors are Dreaming of

If there is one buzzword in the home studio upgrade conversation, it’s Whisper Room. These high-end studios are on wish lists for a reason. Among many other selling features, they provide a top notch soundproof environment and ventilation that keeps the booth comfortable. And that’s what 22% of the respondents love about them.

Voice actor Andrew Rosborough said he’d love the upgrade.

My studio does great for sound, but I would never turn down a Whisper Room!

Aside from the direct mentions of a Whisper Room, the general sentiment from the voice actors who responded to the survey was a wish to have more soundproofing materials like bass traps and sound absorbing panels. If you’re feeling the same way, check out these soundproofing tips from audio engineer Bob Breen. He managed the in-office studio build and has some advice on making the most of your soundproofing budget.

The Voice Over Tech Accessories that Voice Actors Are Wishing For

It sounds like everyone is hoping to upgrade their computers to new Macs in 2019. With this tech upgrade, voice actors will be able to work quicker and smarter with their DAWs, allowing them to audition for and book more voice over jobs.

Some voice actors also mentioned that they still have a desire for ISDN. An ISDN unit, though costly and aged, is a way to connect voice actors and their clients for a live recording session. Enabling clients to participate in a recording session has many perks:

  • Voice actors get in-the-moment artistic direction
  • It eliminates the lengthy back-and-forth process of revisions
  • Voice actors and their clients can get to know each other better, providing an added element of relationship building which increases the chance of repeat business
  • It helps clients to feel more in control and involved in the process of the final output

There are quite a few alternatives to ISDN that are more affordable and more popular within the recording industry now. If you’re one of those voice actors who was thinking of putting an ISDN line on your wish list, take a read through this post on the ISDN alternatives. You may find yourself considering other options that are easier to obtain, easier to use, cheaper, and come with better service support.

What’s on your Voice Over Tech Wishlist?

Are you also seeking out a Neumann mic? Or a Whisper Room? If so, why? Let us know in the comments below.

If you’re all set and wish for nothing more than finding voice over work in the new year, start with signing up for a free account!

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