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6 Voices.com Platform Productivity Tips

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No one understands the never ending to-do list better than a creative director, project coordinator, or someone working within the creative industry.

The never-ending demands from clients, while drumming up new business, takes up more time than a typical full-time job. Because of that, creative gurus are always hunting down new ways to become more efficient.

To help you live your best creative life and be as efficient as possible, we’ve curated a list of productivity apps. And now we’re walking you through a list of Voices.com’s productivity features that help you manage your voice over job posting and hiring processes more efficiently.

A Feature that Makes Your Job Posting Process Easier

It can be difficult to find the right words to describe the voice you’re looking for, even if you can clearly hear it in your head. For instance, should you post a job looking for an ‘excited’ performance, or an ‘enthusiastic’ voice? The right words can escape you in the moment – so we’ve made it easy to pinpoint that perfect voice.

In the “Styles” drop down of the “Describe Who You Need” section in the job posting form, a plethora of adjectives are provided for you. Browsing our list of 200+ styles will help you discover adjectives to describe your ideal voice beyond those words you had initially thought of.

A Feature that Makes Reviewing Auditions Easier

The Voices.com “Responses” tab offers short listing features to help you more easily manage your job responses from voice talent. It can be accessed from within a specific job that you’re hiring for.

‘Responses’ Filters

Within the responses tab, you’ll find filtering options that will allow you to filter by gender, privately invited, previously listened to or not yet listened to, hired, deleted, or liked.

In essence, these filtering options act as short listing solutions for jobs that receive many responses. We understand that it can be difficult to sift through and manage 50+ auditions on just one of the voice over jobs you’re hiring for – not to mention if you’re hiring for multiple jobs at the same time!

The ‘Like’ Feature

Among the filters, you have the option to filter by the responses you ‘Like’. But first, you have to ‘Like’ them. As you review auditions, anything that sticks out as a potential hire can be ‘Liked’ to help you keep track of those golden auditions.

A Feature that Makes the Voice Talent Selection Process Easier

The vast majority of clients that use Voices.com are a part of collaborative and creative teams. Often times, our clients have their own end clients as well. This can mean that the auditions need to be reviewed by many parties. If this sounds familiar, this next feature was built for you!

The Shared Responses Feature

The Shared Responses feature allows you to create a short list of awesome auditions that you want to pass along to your own clients.

The beauty of this feature is that it’s a white label product! You can brand it with your client’s logo, your company’s logo, or leave it branded as Voices.com.

It also offers other customization options, like changing the title of the list to reflect the specific project, as well as including or excluding any information you’d like. For instance, you can choose to hide or show the talent’s name, their star rating, the quote they submitted with their audition, etc.

The drag and drop feature of the Share Responses list lets you prioritize the auditions, too. This means you’re fully in control of the order in which your clients will hear the auditions.

The best part of the Shared Responses feature is that you can send it to anyone. The receiver doesn’t need to have a Voices.com account in order to get or open your Share Responses list. Simply copy the link and distribute it to whoever needs to hear the auditions you’ve vetted.

It’s no wonder that this feature is the Voices.com Client Product Manager’s favorite!

A Feature that Makes Communicating with Voice Actors Easier

Once a voice actor has responded to your job posting with their custom audition, you have the ability to communicate with them through the “Ask a Question” function.

This feature is particularly handy when you loved the voice, but the performance wasn’t exactly as you’d imagined it. For instance, the sound levels may have been off, or a pronunciation may have been missed.

‘Ask a Question’ allows you to circle back and ask for modifications to the voice over file or performance. If the voice actor didn’t pronounce your client’s brand name quite right, you can send them a message letting them know that you loved the audition, but in order for you to carry it forward to your client, you’d like another recording with the brand name pronounced differently.

There are many other reasons why you might need to communicate with a voice actor, so this feature is the unsung hero of making that easier!

Tell Us What Features Are on Your Wish List for Voices.com

We’re constantly connecting with clients to see what feedback they have about our online platform. Feedback plays an important role in helping our Product Managers know what to put into development next!

Making continuous improvements to the user experience on Voices.com is so essential to us that it’s reflected in our corporate values. Because it’s such a vital piece of our growth, we also have an established Customer Advisory Group. We invite anyone who’s hired a voice actor through our platform to provide feedback on their experience.

The Ultimate Productivity Tool for Hiring Voice Actors

The Voices.com platform is already quick and easy to use. But for many clients, the ultimate productivity tool is having a dedicated Voices.com account manager. This affordable and available option means that we post your job, review auditions, shortlist responses and facilitate the overall process. All you’ll have to do is take a quick listen to the short list of talent and let us know who you prefer! We’ll take care of the rest.  

Not sure which option is best for you? Sign up for a free account and your Voices.com account manager will be in touch soon to help you decide if the DIY option is better, or if you’d benefit from the project management Voices.com is able to provide.

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