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May Product Updates 30/30

Welcome to another edition of Voices’s Product 30/30, our monthly post where you can check out some of the fun new additions we’ve made in the last 30 days, as well as see what we’re planning to build in the next 30 days.

This month, we’re highlighting improvements on invitations to jobs, payments release process, the blog, and more! Keep reading below for more details on all the great past and upcoming changes!

Last 30 Days:

  • Get More Job Opportunities and Connect with More Voice Over Talent:
    • You’ve found a great talent on Voices and clicked the ‘Invite to Job’ button to personally invite them to audition for your project. Now, wouldn’t it be great if you could easily invite similar talent with a single click? We thought so too!

      The next time you invite hand-selected talent to a job, you’ll have the option to enable [VoiceMatchTM] to automatically invite similar talent to audition — so you can hear from more of our great talent!
  • You can also easily identify the type of invitations sent for any job by reviewing the invitation information on the Job Details page:
    • Private means one or more voice actors were hand-picked by you and invited to audition.
    • VoiceMatchTM means voice actors were automatically invited by Voices, based on your job posting.
    • Private + VoiceMatchTM means invited talent were hand-picked by you  and talent were also identified by Voices and invited based on your job posting.
  • To help you find talent easier, we’ve simplified the job posting form design with a fresh, clean look and feel.
  • Voices is committed to your success, and so we’ve updated our payment release process in an effort to save time for both talent and clients. Funds will now be released automatically 14-days after the delivery date the client specifies in the agreement. Automatic release of funds will allow payment to be released in cases where a client might forget or lose track of when the job was completed. We get it. There’s a lot going on with a project so we’re here to help! Note that if you are not prepared to release funds for whatever reason, you can always call us to change the delivery date on your job, and we will be pleased to do that for you. You can also read a complete overview of the Voices payment process.
  • The agreement process has also been improved so that the agreement is clearer for all parties.
  • We’ve redesigned the blog to improve your experience.
  • To make ratings & reviews on Voices more meaningful for you, and to help everyone continuously learn and grow through specific and timely feedback, we’ve improved the process of leaving a rating & review from within a job for both talent and clients.

Next 30 Days:

  • Coming soon are new city-specific pages to help you locate talent by geography.
  • Navigation throughout our site will be improved, to take you where you want to go easier.
  • We’re working on improving how to post jobs and describe your project needs faster, easier, and more clearly. Have ideas of how we could make your hiring experience easier? We want to hear them! Email [email protected] to share your feedback.
  • We will continue work on where you can leave a rating & review and where you can view the results. We plan to add functionality so that the ratings & reviews can provide more meaning and insights.
  • We are building more robust download and upload capabilities to improve speed and create added convenience for handling files on your jobs.
  • The process in which talent can notify clients that files are ready will also be improved to reduce confusion and improve the overall experience.

We at Voices want to make your experience on the platform easier and more valuable. We hope that you will enjoy these updates and we encourage you to join our Customer Advisory Group where you will have the opportunity to express your thoughts on the present and future of our platform through our usability studies and sessions. Join now!

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