What is SurePay™?

What Is SurePay™?   

SurePay™ is our proprietary payment protection service, developed with both clients and talent in mind to ensure all jobs completed on Voices are secure and safe.

Upon hiring, the client's payment is held in our SurePay™ account while the talent completes the work. Once files are uploaded and the client is satisfied with the work completed, funds are released to the talent. 

How Does SurePay™ Work?

  1. The client selects a talent by clicking the 'Hire' button and makes a deposit of the full amount referenced in the talent's proposal.
  2. Upon completion of this deposit, the client is asked to create a Job Agreement. At this stage, the client can add any final instructions or upload any final information the talent might need to complete the job. Once the Job Agreement has been submitted, the job is moved to the status of "Offering."
  3. The talent is notified of the client’s interest in hiring and asked to review and accept, or decline, the Job Agreement.
  4. Once the talent accepts the Job Agreement, the project moves into the "Working" status and the talent completes the work and uploads the files. 
  5. After the talent uploads the files, the client can Request Edit or Approve the file. Approval of files is independent of the release payment function. (The client has a 'Release Funds' button to authorize the release of their deposited payment to the talent.) 
  6. When the client is ready to release the payment to the talent, they can do so by clicking the 'Release Funds' button in the Payments folder of the job.
  7. Or, funds will be automatically released 14 days after the 'Project Deadline' set in the agreement with the talent if payment has not already been manually released. 
  8. Once payment has been authorized for release, Voices is notified and we will send the talent payment via PayPal.
SurePay™ payments are issued on a weekly basis. Funds released by the client between a given Saturday and Friday will be paid out on the following Friday. When funds are released the job moves to the status of 'Done'.

Quick Tip: Managed Services jobs do not leverage SurePay™, nor do they include the 14-day automatic release of funds. Instead, payment will be released to talent when the client releases funds to Voices.

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