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The 2021 Voicey Awards are Here!

Ah, the Voicey Awards! The most wonderful time of year where voice actors are recognized for all their hard work, talent, and success!

The Voicey Awards are unique compared to typical performance awards—you know, the ones judged by panelists on subjective criteria—because they’re based on concrete internal data from Voices showing who is rising to the top in their respective voice over specialties. 

Voice actors and coaches often advise honing your skills for the niches you’re best suited for. If there was ever a product of successfully implementing that advice, it is winning a Voicey Award. 

Beyond the strengthening of voice over skills lies the ability to build a voice over business, notably with the marketing capacity that helps to grow a clientele list and a voice actor’s reliable reputation. These are also exemplified by Voicey Award recipients. 

The awards are won by voice actors who have displayed a melding of their artistic, technical, and business talent to rise to the top of their game. In this blog, you’ll find the tips and links to resources to help you do the same. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be in the mix next year!

Most Favorited Demo: Gloriel Taylor

Gloriel Taylor earned a Voicey Award for the demo that was favorited the most times on Voices throughout the year. With nine demos on her profile to showcase her range of talents—all within her wheelhouse skillset—and more than 200 5-star reviews, Gloriel’s Voicey Award is the result of providing a widely in-demand style and her ability to work well with her clients. 

Congratulations, Gloriel!

Best New Demo: Allyson Briggs

Allyson Briggs earned a Voicey Award for her new 2021 demo that was the most listened-to on the Voices platform in the same calendar year. 

We had the pleasure of writing about Allyson in a Success Story. Since then, she has completed more than 300 jobs on Voices and has received more than 230 5-star reviews. Check out her Animation demo below.

Allyson tells us: “The animation demo was all the different character voices I created as a kid playing with my sisters, because I needed to give every single toy its own voice and personality. I refined those characters as an adult and they have really come in handy on jobs! I have to say, voice over work is some of the most mysterious, difficult, and rewarding work I’ve ever done and I am grateful to have a decade of work behind me, with many more to go!”

Congratulations, Allyson!

Best Demo: Chris Roman

Chris Roman took home a Voicey Award for having the demo that was listened to more times than any other demo on Voices in 2021. His 90+ 5-star reviews from clients prove that after clients hear Chris’ demo, they invite him to audition for their project and have their expectations exceeded every time. 

Congratulations, Chris!

Best Male Voice Actor: David Kaplan

Awarded to the male voice actor that was hired the most times in 2021, David Kaplan earned this award with his talents and stand-out work ethic. To date, David has completed more than 2,700 jobs through the Voices platform and has received 2,000+ 5-star reviews, to boot! 

With a total of 77 demos on his profile, David takes to heart the advice we give platform users to break their skills out into granular demos to ensure your JobMatch score is as strong as possible! 

Congratulations, David!

Want to know more about JobMatch? Watch our video on how to be successful on Voices

Best Female Voice Actor: Rachael West

Rachael West was awarded for being the most hired female voice actor in 2021. As you’ll see in the coming sections below, her versatility and in-demand sound have made Rachael a “fit” for thousands of projects on the Voices platform. 

Voice Over Category Awards

The category awards are awarded to voice talent who were hired the most times in each subcategory. 

Radio, Animation, Business, Education, and Internet Video: Rachael West

Taking home a total of seven Voicey Awards, Rachael West cleaned up the Voice Over Category award section. She exemplifies what it means to find your performance wheelhouse and the ability to market yourself. Take a look at Rachael’s profile to see what you can learn from this successful voice actor. 

Congratulations, Rachael!

Audiobooks: Annabel Giles

Annabel Giles took home the Voicey Award for most hired audiobook narrator. Her warm Australian accent set her apart and earned her recognition in the audiobook category in 2021. Listen to her audiobook demos

Congratulations, Annabel!

Documentaries: Rachael West & Elizabeth Saydah

In the documentaries category, Rachael West and Elizabeth Saydah tied for the most hired documentary narrator in 2021. 

The ability to lead viewers through documentary-style videos and hold their attention is a true gift. With a pairing of sophistication and personability, they make it seem easy!

Congratulations, Elizabeth and Rachael!

Internet Ad: Ethan Gabriel

Ethan Gabriel earned a Voicey Award for the most hired voice actor in the internet ad category. As a very well-established professional voice actor, Ethan has landed 1,100+ 5-star reviews on his profile. Ethan shared a video with us as an example of his internet ad work. He says, “This is a great example of one of my favorite things about voice work. Learning about new technology and well, any subject really. This career has given me so many windows into an incredible amount of worlds to which I never otherwise would have had access. I’ve read about medical advancements, space exploration, coding, finances, governmental regulations, international relations, and personal stories about people in countries I’ve never visited!”

Congratulations, Ethan!

Movie Trailers: Louise Saint-Claire

Louise Saint-Claire received a Voicey Award for the most hired voice actor for movie trailers in 2021. Her smooth and versatile voice over skills make her perfect for any movie trailer script, and it shows! 

Congratulations, Louise!

Podcasting: Cynthia de Pando

Cynthia de Pando took home a Voicey Award for being the most hired voice actor for podcasting. As a Spanish-speaking voice actor, her youthful tone makes her a great fit for the blossoming medium of podcasting, among many other projects. 

Congratulations, Cynthia!

Telephone: Livia Muñoz Floyd

Livia Muñoz Floyd earned a Voicey Award for her work in the telephone and IVR voice over category. Her bilingualism provides the one-stop-shop appeal for clients looking to provide both of the US official languages within their projects, making her perfect for her successful telephone and IVR work! 

Congratulations, Livia!

Television: John Q Kubin

John Kubin received the Voicey Award for most hired voice actor in the television category. John sat down with us a while ago to tell us about himself and his success story on becoming the voice of “the child of the 90s” for Internet Explorer. It’s a testament to why his voice is so well-suited for television voice over work and to the more than 75% of his completed jobs giving him a 5-star review! 

Congratulations, John!

Video games: Madison Brunoehler

Madison Brunoehler earned herself a Voicey Award in the video games category for 2021. As a truly versatile voice actor, her impressive character work is a sure-fire reason behind this award. She recently joined us for a Talent Showcase event and explained that her ability to perform character voices has been with her since childhood. 

Congratulations, Madison! 

Voice Assistant: Justin Bott

Justin Bott took home the Voicey Award for most hired voice actor in the voice assistant category. We all wish voice assistants sounded more engaging and less robotic, and Justin has taken that to heart with his work in this category. 

Congratulations, Justin!

Until Next Year!

That’s a wrap on the 2021 Voicey Awards season. Check out our socials for Voicey Award updates!

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As a voice actor, you can study these recipients to see how they utilize their profiles, how they break out their demos, how they describe themselves and their past clientele, and more, to learn new ways to help you realize your voice acting goals, too. 

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